13 February 2008

eMule 0.48a X-Ray 1.3

eMule 0.48a X-Ray 1.3
Recode: Complete Recode of Slotcontrol (Slotspeed + Trickleslots)
Recode: Complete recode of FullChunk Calculation Method
Update: Major update of Modeless Dialogs Code
Add: New File Detail Dialog - already implemented but tagged with ModelessDlg's
Add: eMule+ Transferwnd Style - Rollup Control
Add: LowID to HighID Automatic Callback
Add: Share Filter
Add: Manual Client Management
Add: XP-Style Menus
Add: File Status Icons
Add: Only Download Complete Files
Add: Suspend Collecting
Add: UnSolicitedPartStatus - needed for StandbyDownload
Add: StandbyDownload
Add: SafeKad
Add: Anti fragmenting
Add: KadPerformance Improvements - moved some functions inline
Add: Update nodes.dat frequently
Change: Splashscreen & Sidebanner
Change: LeecherLog is static now
Remove: Removed some senseless checks for ASL & ACC
Remove: SlotRelease
Fix: Fixed minor bug around Preferences Dialog - this time for real;)
Fix: Fixed minor bug in emuledlg: do not ask exit from command prompt
Fix: Fixed minor nullpointer bug in UploadClient
Fix: Corruption Black Box Fix
Fix: Fixed bug in sockets.cpp around socket deletion
Fix: Fixed minor bug in Tweaks Preferences Page
Cleanup: Cleaned up some useless codeparts

Download BIN: eMule_v0.48a_X-Ray_v1.3-bin.rar

SRC: eMule_v0.48a_X-Ray_v1.3-src.rar

Mirrors and older Version archive: http://www.emule-security.net/modb/files.php?cat=33

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