05 February 2008

Some eMule Mods from www.fuck-seba14.blog.com

eMule AeOnFlux

eMule v0.48a - AeOnFlux v0.8.2

>>> Modded by ghc / B4n$h33 <<<

AeOnFlux v0.8.2 - 29/10/2007

Added: don't share incoming
Added: fake rank differentiated (3 levels)
Added: no ban AeOnflux and odl mod
Added: penalize client that have given 0 MB in upload
Fixed: anti-mod thief (ban instant for thief mod)
Fixed: upload limit (up 1k)
Fixed: upload management
Fixed: some bugs
Fixed: Whois
Updated: antileech (recommended not to change with official antiLeech.dll)

Download: emule 0.48a - AeOnFlux v0.8.2.rar
or: http://www.datenschleuder.eu/get_a80cb017f7614521499631f6413eee3a.html
Homepage: http://fuckloosers.ze.tc/

ZeNtAuRuS v0.1a

ZeNtAuRuS v0.1a
by NightSky10

  • [+] AntiHideOS [netfinity]
    [+] XS-Fix [Xantos]
    [+] Search Colors [WiZaRd]
    [+] ShowQDifference [itsonlyme]
    [+] Own Prefs [WiZaRd]
    [+] Obfuscation FiX [WiZaRd]
    [+] Winsock2 [eWombat]
    [+] Save/Load Sources [Spike2]
    [+] Connection Checker [eWombat/WiZaRd]
    [+] Reask after IP Change [Spike2/Neo]
    [+] SpreadReask[Slug./Stulle]
    [+] Variable Reask Time [Stulle]
    [+] Security FIX [Maella]
    [+] Boost Remote Queue Rank Users
    [+] UpKick For None RQR Clients (3.5mb)
    [+] Show RQR/DL in Up List
    [+] Set QueueSize min to 100
    [+] ClipStat [WiZaRd]
    [+] Display Modname
Homepage: http://fuck-seba14.blog.com/ZeNtAuRuS/
Download: ZeNtAuRuS_v0.1a.7z
or: http://www.datenschleuder.eu/get_bfecdd952e6bf2d749fe0790fe21caf4.html

eMule SinS v0.5

emule sins

- remove Aux Ports support [lugdunummaster]
- Recognize MlDonkey XS Answer
- emuleecher [emuleech] community + icon
- Xman client percentage
- fix bug hideos
- power release on place of release (in red color)
- fix: HL recharge to 500 if auto hl activated
- o/s per slot maxi = Maximum upload (capacity)
- Penalises applejuices if mode "full sharing"
- Modification of a few queues on priority upload - add hideos
- mass rename // Wumule
- modify upmana
- modify icon emule
- modify no up
- modify detection community emuleecher
- fix Close All Search Results //bengarchy
- detection fastweb + filter rage in up management
- update node.dat //avi3k
- modify control slot
- modify fakerank

eMule SinS v0.4:

- log extras on/off
- Icon eChanblard
- show LowID
- search unlimited
- Detection of the community AppleJuice + icon
- modthief
- spreadbar
- Modlog
- Winsock 2
- save money //with the help of spe64
- cpu + ram consume in special stats
- eDonkey hybrid op-codes
- source management (dark) less aggressive
- New credits system : LEanmule (replace ZZUL) and RVB
- save CPU
- on/off create dump file on crash
- fix Vista prefs directory // godlaugh2007
- fix priority noshare
- fix global HL
- add delayed nnp
- add DynamicBlockRequest
- add Drop stalled downloads
- add fake echanblard
- add optimizer //Lex
- add special stats
- add nickthief
- add boost echanblards
- remove PartCompletionSpeedUp
- remove safehash
- remove flush thread

Download: eMule 0.48 SinS v0.5.rar
Descargas Mirror: eMule.0.48a_SinS_v0.5.rar

XDP v1.2 0WN3D

emule xdp

eMule v0.48a - XDP v1.2 0WN3D

>>> Modded by oWN3D / svk <<<

thanks svk, you are the best!!

Download (Debug resources cleaned up, int. crc corrected): XdP_v1.2_0WN3D.rar
Mirror - Mirror - Mirror

UPX'ed 1.89 MB: XdP_v1.2_0WN3D.exe - Mirror
Mirror - Mirrors - Mirrors

All Mods are untouched from seba14 and original no repacked exe protected or url changed, no nags, splash added !!!

All Credits to France


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