26 February 2008

nPack v1.1.500.2008 2nd Beta by NEOx updated Version 21.02.2008

nPack v1.1.500.2008 2nd Beta
nPack v1.1.700.2008 Beta, by NEOx
Copyright [c] 2008 Underground InformatioN Center


1. The description of the program.
2. Features.
3. Options.
4. History.
5. Credits.

1. The description of the program.
nPack is a Win32 executable file compressor.

2. Features.

- Support for all types of PE files (exe, dll, ocx)
- Compression of program code, data, and resources
- Section naming support
- Fast decompression routines
- Relocation support
- TLS support
- File rebuilding
- Strip relocation
- Strip debug informaion

3. Options.
[ Compression Options ]

"Compress resources" - Compress resource section
"Create backup copy (.bak-file)" - Create backup copy to restore original
file (if the compressed application would be failed after run).

"Strip Relocations" - Strip relocations.
"Rebuild File" - Rebuild File.
"Loader section name" - Section name for decompressor data included in the
compressed PE file.
"Skip Shared Section" - Skip shared-sections.

[ Program Options ]
"Always on top" - Above all windows
"Register Shell Extension" - Put "Compress with nPack" into Windows
context menu.

4. History.
- v1.1.500.2008 Beta - [21.02.2008]
- COM DLL bugs fixed

- v1.1.500.2008 Beta - [12.02.2008]
- Several small bugs fixed

- v1.1.300.2006 Beta - [22.08.2006]
- Several small bugs fixed
- Interface bugs corrected
+ Option "Skip Shared Section" added

- v1.1.250.2006 Beta - [20.04.2006]
* First public release

Homepage: http://petools.org.ru/npack.shtml

v1.1.500.2008 Beta - [21.02.2008] npack.zip (63.43 KB) NEW
v1.1.500.2008 Beta - [12.02.2008] npack 1.1.500.2008.zip (63.40 KB)
v1.1.250.2006 Beta - [20.04.2006] nPack_v1.1.250.2006_Beta.zip (29.18 KB)


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