12 February 2008

eMule 0.48a PP-EdItIoN v0.6 public beta without Ratio

eMule 0.48a PP-EdItIoN v0.6 public beta no Ratio for Power Portal
|       pP.r12c, based  on eMule 0.48a       |
|               RaTi0 R3MoveR                |
eMule 0.48a PP-EdItIoN v0.6 public beta *HOTFIX* by hexistenz (power Portal) official Mod - without Ratio

Release #4 (18.11.07):
Fixed : CheckForTimeOver() checks for PS/Friendslot (unseen)
Changed: reworked PS/Friend handling in FBCOQ() (unseen)
Changed: Finalized ModID (unseen)
Added : ListIcon for none-Mod LowID clients (unseen)
Changed: adopted AntiModThief code (pP)
Changed: removed some unused code (unseen/pP)
Changed: set Kad-only as default network (pP)
Added : switches for ANT, AMT, SUIBan & EmulateCom (pP)
Fixed : ClientID delayed exchange (unseen)
Fixed : Upman bug, uploads after exceeding limits (pP)
Fixed : ClientID remote syncronization bug (unseen)
Fixed : IP2C Prefs were not saved propperly (pP, thx to terrorizer for reporting)
Fixed : Tagsaving for HiddenFile/DoNotShare (pP)
Fixed : "blocked for QF" message in ModLog (pP)
Rework : Powershare and friends management with upman (pP)
Added : DiffQR differs between NNP and QF (pP)
Added : Switch for ModIcons (pP)
Added : Some CPU savers for upman checks *beta* (pP)

removed: official Ratio

modified by *** Unknown

1.94 MB: eMule 0.48a [pP.r12c].7z
rar 2.05 MB: eMule 0.48a [pP.r12c].rar

mirror: http://web49.net-server14.de/download-manager.php?id=23

older Version: eMule 0.48a [pP.r12b]


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