27 February 2008

Prevx CSI scanner v1.6.104.116

Prevx CSI latest update

Prevx CSI is the world's fastest and most advanced anti-malware scanner.

Nobody else can check your PC as quickly, or for as many malicious threats as Prevx CSI.

1,532,242 people have checked their PCs with Prevx CSI in the last 3 months.
37% of PCs were infected. Is yours?

Windows Service Pack 3 from windows update site installed Build 3311
cause Prevx to another false positive in file:
scsiport.sys SCSI Port Driver Fileversion: 5.1.2600.3311 (xpsp.080212-0003) Size: 94,1 KB (96.384 bytes) Product Name: Microsoft® Windows® Operating System

Also files compressed with XComp/XPack 0.98
shown by exe and dll files different results:

Fortinet 2.81-3.11 8.794 2008-02-27 Suspicious http://virscan.org/report/844b5e89b24d0535878d057b69895285.html Download latest Prevx: http://info.prevx.com/downloadprevx2.asp

Download XComp/XPack 0.98 and pack some files to test scanner / analyze with debugger tools dissambler also unpacking script for ollydbg have been found one year after the packer have been published

Good Scanner the later update have fixed it:


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