15 February 2008

RemoveIT Pro XT - SE 12.2.2008

Locate & remove many new dangerous files including viruses, worms, trojan horses, adwares & spywares that other popular AV programs cannot find. RemoveIT Pro. Version XT - SE has detail report log added including services and full startup files. Service manager added. Runtime & Process Manager added. Some bug fixed.

What is New?
Version v4.
- Detection bugs fixed.
- Core engine updated.

- Few bugs fixed.
- Core engine updated.
- Removal instructions updated.

- Definition engine updated.
- Upgrade Advisor added.
- Partial update included.
- Smart Virus Definition included.
- Windows Vista support included.

RemoveIT Pro v4 - SE in only simple antivirus protection that only scans for viruses from it's database.
- For complete powerful protection check out our RemoveIT Pro v4 Enterprise.
- RemoveIT Pro v4 utilizes High level protection technology (HLP) and virus removal filters which filts all new executable files.

RemoveIT Pro v4 - SE (Free for non commercial use).

Download: http://www.incodesolutions.com/downloads/removeit_pro.exe

Homepage: http://www.incodesolutions.com/


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