30 April 2008

eMule 0.49a Beta 2

emule v049a beta 2.0

04/30/2008: Updated to Beta2


0.49a BETA2
- Apr, 29. 2008 -
.: Fixed some rare bug which could cause rerequesting already transferred (buffered) data [tHeWiZaRdOfDoS]
.: Tweaked UPnP a bit to support some more routers [leuk_he]
.: Updated libpng to the most current version 1.2.27

- Apr, 27. 2008 -
.: Changed the kad tcp firewalltest protocol to make it possible to archive the tcp open state if the UDP port is firewalled
.: Each dialog (kad, server, etc) has now its own "doorway" helptopic which eMule shows when pressing F1 or the Helpbutton, instead of only calling the helpindex

- Apr, 23. 2008 -
.: Fixed two bugs in the new kad firewalltesting which may lead to wrong results [tHeWiZaRdOfDoS]
.: eMule now supports ed2k-links for downloading the nodes.dat from an URL. A link to a nodes.dat should look this way: ed2k://|nodeslist|http://domain/nodes.dat|/
.: Fixed two minor display bugs realted to the waiting queue and the requests statistics for files [tHeWiZaRdOfDoS]

- Apr, 20. 2008 -
.: Loading stored kad keywords and sources has been moved into a seperate thread to avoid interface lockups, while the data is loading
.: Kad (tcp)firewalltest and buddy tcp connection now properly support protocol obfuscation too, on require obfuscation setting those connections (and therefore its functionality) didn't worked before

- Apr, 15. 2008 -
.: Ctrl+W now closes the active searchtab in the search dialog

Homepage: http://forum.emule-project.net/index.php?showtopic=135203

You can download this beta version as follows:

v0.49a BETA2 - Binary

v0.49a BETA2 - Sources


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