15 May 2008

eMule Applejuice UseNext free

No traces, no ads, no site browser.

same as written here: http://leechermods.blogspot.com/2008/04/emule-v048a-tyrantmule-v11.html

Without code changes. Block usenext.de in Firewall

Search Window Field request blocked:

Download Window - High Speed Payment Links suggestions to UseNext gone:

this can be changed in code:

Step 1:
Search tracing on Usenext

http.usenext.de HTTPGET /un_searchfilegroup.cfm?search=% /un_searchfilegroup_ext.cfm?search=%s ¬–z d¥{ { # §Y :: related >>> Sending OP__QueryMoreResults >>> Sending OP__SearchRequest Search Data: %s
Search Expr: %s %s %s %I64u %s="%s" "%s" NOT OR AND (%hs *UnkOp* $x8\z4\z,\z $\z\z@Filehash @Rating @Comment @Codec @Bitrate @Length @Title @Album @Artist @Complete @Sources @LastSeenComplete @Format @Type @SizeHI @Size @Name SearchMethod_TOPFILES SearchMethod_TopfilesActive SearchMethod_KademliaActive SearchMethod_GlobalActive SearchMethod_ServerActive SearchResults ieexplore 906657ec757578b10fe1cb5bf964b464 http://www.usenext.de/index.cfm?TD=393112 &dl http://www.zoozle.net/emule-bittorrent-download/%s,emule,,0.html OP__GlobSearchReq1 >>> Skipped UDP search on server %-21s (%3u of %3u): No large file support


Webbrowser (the 2 numbers reference to the 2urls)

CWebBrowser ...
BrowseUrl_ URL browse.dat BrowseUrl ?ref= Applejuice Startpage 100c0e63b9be0de0eb0774e3071d63af 713400305581d5a6b98915732b38a30a http://applejuice.futuremods.de/startpage_eng.htm http://applejuice.futuremods.de/startpage.htm œv X } ИR á( á( 5 g â( â( 5 0 g ç( ç( 5 P g ä( ä( 5 p g ã( ã( 5  g
è( è( 5 P g å( å( 5   g æ( æ( 5 ð g d } „ ÿÿ xv CWebTool

GUI cleanup in Download section "HighSpeed Downloads"

? Position

modelName friendly Name GET HTTP/1.1
MAN: "ssdp:discover"
MX: %d
ST: %s

http://www.google.com/search?q= = Multicast http://whois.domaintools.com/

Made in Germany:
3D25F0 - 3D2650
c:\Netzlaufwerk\Sources\In Arbeit\eMule Applejuice\srchybrid\Unicode_Release\emule.pdb
can be done more:
timeGetDevCaps timeBeginPeriod   timeEndPeriod timeGetTime WINMM.dll

+ that part pointing to dialog:
Error saving Applejuice Credits. Saving Applejuice Credits 3 Failed to load Applejuice Credits! Userhash changed N Applejuice Credits are expired because they were saved more than 24 hours ago."Trying to load Applejuice Credits. ,Do you want to save your Applejuice Credits? ,Successfully loaded


Applejuice Creditdownload
Uploaded Community total Uploaded normal "Uploaded Applejuice Creditdownload Collected Applejuice Credits Used up Applejuice Credits Loaded Applejuice Credits Current Applejuice Credits Known Community Clients total Expired Applejuice Credits Razorback 3 Titandonkey Fireball Wikinger-Mod SunPower-Mod Other Mod Applejuice Releaser blocked 0% 10% 20% Browser%Show Usenet on top of search requests Filename Obfuscation Reask Client Reask Client via UDP Super Source Finder Search Sources via Server Search Sources via Kad ‹ You can use Super Source Finder again only in %i minutes.
The higher your upload speed is the sooner you can use Super Source Finder again. ROCKFORCE Mod m You are not connected to any network! To use Super Source Finder you have to be connected to Kad and/or ed2k. RSVCD-Crew Mod APRC-Mod Sharing Encryption (AES 256 bit)$Disable Encryption
@ l i b b z 2 . d l l

Super Source Timer %i

Download Voltaren® Emulgel® 0.49a 1% :)

Download: reverse me.exe


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