03 May 2008

FlashGet Mini Beta 1 English

Black Edition
English Edit by www.MoDs.sub.cc

Not all resources are correct and translated into English
Homepage: http://bbs.flashget.com/index.php

Mini now supports the function
Express (FlashGet) Mini v1.0 (1012) Update (2008.04.28)
Centro interface, the Ultimate Experience.
Ultra-low occupancy resources, system resources similar software only occupied 10%
A unique window of the mandate of suspension, the dynamic traffic surveillance
Simple, easy to use
P4S innovative technology, a substantial increase download speeds
Express integrated search, seizure End that is, one go
At the same time support for HTTP, BT and other download agreement
Latin America's first download the software features hidden side
Supports up to 99 tasks at the same time
Super intelligent naming, support for multiple named
At the same time show upload download speeds, more transparent, more human
Tooltips function with the task list
Boss Key support functions in support of custom, comprehensive open downloaded in the background
After the download is complete support player Voice
Shortcuts full support to download a simple change
Support the completion of shutdown
Centro support the number of skin (to be downloaded from the official website)

Mini is not the function of support
This version can be downloaded for Express chain, but does not support direct click exhaled Express, the need to copy and paste the way to download
Download speed limit is currently also need to improve
Some also question to improve the function of the skin
Express search is under way adjustment, after the search for resources for the chain, is still not very good support, the recent adjustment of good will

Download Address Chinese Installer Version:
Red Edition
Black Edition
...read more http://www.cnbeta.com/articles/54515.htm

FlashGet Mini Black English Edition by MoDs.sub.cc
Download English Version:
flashgetmini_beta1_black.rar (1.94 MB)
DDL: flashgetmini_beta1_black.rar

Version to search on File mirrors (Findfiles.com)
Replace Program exe file: FlashGetMini-en.exe


No traces inside as the search page on top. Focus was to get it anyhow readable to operate it first. Right mouse click menus not jet fully translated.

please comment here to this blog for corrections, suggestions.
We are not native English Speaker nor Chinese, type mistakes are possible :) Every help welcome!

Future changes: Your favorite AV Scanner with Parameter can be set to scan downloaded files.

Upcoming Features:
- AV Scanner support
- Proxy settings support (config now in settings file manually)
ImageBanana - upcoming1.jpg
ImageBanana - upcoming2.jpg
BBS (Chinese) Forum: http://bbs.flashget.com/viewthread.php?tid=14213&extra=page%3D1
The Language is hardcoded in the program exe. Click Here for the latest Version

Newer Version fully translated scroll page down to Update! click here


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