18 June 2009

easyMule 2.0 for Windows and MAC

easyMule 2.0 for Windows

Key Features

New kernel

started from the bottom of all easyMule2.0 rewrite code, the overall performance increases to a smaller system resources occupied by a higher transmission speed and more stable performance. As a result of the use of a new software architecture, no longer dependent on any old eMule project, making further development and maintenance has become more fast and efficient.

Full-speed transmission

further improve the easyMule2.0 a unique network penetration technology, its successful application to include all HighID client, greatly speeding up the connection speed and transfer efficiency.

Fully compatible

To rewrite the software to benefit from the new kernel, easyMule2.0 At the same time are now able to run on Windows, Mac OSX, Linux and other platforms, and its small core of more efficient transmission in a variety of set-top boxes, routers, broadcast the perfect machine to use.

Survey details

1. The network has nothing to do with the platform isolation layer, rewritten communication structure, re-use of ACE the underlying communication protocol to achieve the kernel module, and customized to achieve a smaller body in order to migrate to smaller devices.

2. And platform-independent interface, the use of the new interface wxWidgets (wxWindows) again, a small amount or no change can be ported to different platforms.

3. The separation of core and operation of the future, can easily support the command-line interface and Web interface operation.

4. Protocol Interface plug-ins, and the various agreements made independent of the plug-in interface to facilitate a more detailed agreement automatically updated and expanded.

5. Is given the flexibility to configure the automatic update system, with the agreement of the functional interface plug-ins with each other to complete the update operation is more complex.

6. EndGameMode Strategy (complete speed mode), about the completion of the task (99%) to allow automatic deployment of resources to speed up the core tasks.

7. Breakpoint HASH, in the HASH of the process, if the closure procedure or unusual from the on / off, eDonkey and then when the next time you start the calculation of the previous calculation process.

8. The source of the cache, the source of the download tasks of local cache, or eDonkey restart task to restart without waiting for the server / Kad connection can connect through the local cache to download the source, to speed up the download speed.

9. Separate speed limits, the new core support for the tasks, documents, sites, a separate client-side speed (UI is not yet reflected) on the transmission speed can be more precise control, to facilitate the realization of the situation of the network features such as Intelligent Speed .

10. Intelligent connection management, can be configured to connect the initiation of each length in order to effectively prevent service providers to block.

11. HighID penetration, re-penetration module to achieve within the network, HighID have begun to penetrate the support functions within the network, greatly accelerate the transmission speed.

12. The source of more acceleration, more in the source case, the judge to speed up the error and speed up play the source in order to achieve faster to find the source.

13. The source of less security sources, the source of relatively few cases, lowering the standard to play source, the use of times into the time and try again.

14. The source of priority, the priority had to connect transmission (upload and download) the source, once more From the source, the more priority connection (to speed up the initial speed, and more precisely targeted to download the channel, as has been to know the client will be used more sooner).

15. Active and try again, the distinction between LowID and retry the HighID activity in the LowID time HighID more active than the retry mechanism.

16. Automatically adjust active, the activity in accordance with its line up to automatically adjust the size of a maximum 15 minutes (configurable) to conduct a re-connection attempts.

17. Priority network penetration, High2Low circumstances (if the other party also supported the L2L) priority L2L try to use to connect, if the connection is not on, and then use the Callback (also modified phase) mechanisms.

18. To speed up the re-trial, when the download is in the state, the other 30 seconds if I have not yet passed any data on the set timeout to speed up and try again next time, this is based on the actual situation of 1.0 to special adjustment .

19. Highlights the search, the search function of a separate tab, user-friendly search.

20. Built-in address bar, sharing of resources and user-friendly page address (the address bar to support the Windows platform only temporarily).

older changelog

Homepage for Windows: http://www.verycd.com/groups/easyMule2/693827.topic | GoogleCode

Download Binary (no installer):
easyMule2-Beta-Bin.7z 4.05 MB

Download Installer:
ed2k ed2k://|file|easyMule2-090618Beta-Setup.exe|4780624|113deb52b15e0798ef94ea6e3b3ace61|h=3Q5DOP2EX3ZLR4HQEZEWNTAT2OIZH4OE|s=http://download.verycd.com/easyMule2-Beta-Setup.exe|/
DDL: http://download.verycd.com/easyMule2-Beta-Setup.exe


easyMule 2.0 for MAC

Homepage: http://www.verycd.com/groups/easyMule2/696149.topic | http://www.verycd.com/groups/mac/540074.topic

DDL: http://download.verycd.com/easyMule.dmg

easyMule for mac

Thanks to xLinker and GodLaugh


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