30 June 2009

Opera 10 build 1615

A new build is ready.

Search engine synchronization should be working again now, but those who are upgrading from certain previous Opera 10 builds (including the Unite labs build) may have problems with some search engines not being synchronized. If this happens, try to set opera:config#OperaSync|SyncClientStateSearches to 0 (no restart required).

Note: This build may not be available for automatic updates right away, and all Solaris builds and some FreeBSD builds are missing.


* Search engine synchronization should now be working again
* Added "robots.txt" to prevent search engines from indexing Unite services by default
* Fixed several Opera Unite crashes


User Interface

* Set Large Images=0 for native skin
* Fixed the Pagebar Skin so that it does not have a negative padding left
* Fixed Bug DSK-232501 (Crash when activating message from mail notification while cert approve dialog is open)
* Fixed Bug DSK-249063 (unremovable English entry in Spelling > Language should be grayed out): The preinstalled dictionaries will now have full name in the choose default language page in the wizard
* Fixed Bug DSK-250617 (Text overlaps in UI)
* Fixed Bug DSK-255452 (New initial BitTorrent dialog leaves unnecesary short space for checkbox label): Also fixed so it is an Ok/Cancel dialog
* Fixed Bug DSK-255971 (Session not saved when closing Opera)
* Fixed Bug DSK-256929 (Bookmarks visited/unvisited icons hardly distinguishable)
* Fixed Bug DSK-257266 (Missing padding on hover in main menu)
* Fixed Bug DSK-257336 (First pixel at the left side of the menu button doesn't activate the menu button)
* Fixed Bug DSK-257343 (Progress indicator height inconsistency)
* Fixed Bug DSK-257346 (Pages in Window menu no longer reachable by their number)
* Fixed Bug DSK-257349 ("new tab" button too high up in tab bar wrapped to multiple lines)
* Fixed Bug DSK-257355 (Panel buttons overlap search field's focus ring)
* Fixed Bug DSK-257378 (Dragging produces text-only buttons): by Reverting Fix to Bug DSK-257195 (Panel header text becomes unbolded when customised)
* Fixed Bug DSK-257439 (Disabled UI buttons should probably have dimmed text color)
* Fixed Bug DSK-257593 (Adjust memory/cache changes)


* Fixed a memory leak
* Fixed Bug CORE-20064 (Event.origin on message events returns origin of current window and not the origin of the message)
* Fixed Bug CORE-21557 (Move media player plug-in doesn't paint until window resize)
* Fixed Bug CORE-22049 (Certificate with HTTPS CRL URL to site with same CRL and certificate warning trigger run-amok dialog opening)
* Fixed Bug CORE-22293 (moveTo inconsistencies on some platforms)
* Fixed Bug DSK-252565 (Click on link at TV2 crashes Silverlight in Opera)
* Fixed Bug DSK-257534 (Disabling spell checker in multiline edit boxes crashes Opera)

Opera Unite

* robots.txt now added, with search engines disallowed by default
* Fixed Bug CORE-19330 (Possible to embed unite:// on http:// pages): also made sure that unite services can not manage each other
* Fixed Bug CORE-21620 (Webserver crash)
* Fixed Bug CORE-21680 (Incorrect escaping/unescaping of characters in WebserverRequest.uri)
* Fixed Bug DSK-247847 (Wrong handling of "username too short" error from auth server)


* Set max values for the automatic memory cache
* Fixed Bug DSK-249688 (Systemwide settings are not read)
* Fixed Bug DSK-254706 (/settings command-line flag is not functional)
* Partial Fix of Bug DSK-257293 (Opera fails to find any mails after 9.64 to 10 upgrade)


* Correctly specify Linux 64-bit Qt4 when uploading crash logs
* Fixed Bug DSK-256111 (Webserver doesn't serve proxied requests in Qt4 builds)

WARNING: This is a development snapshot: It contains the latest changes, but may also have severe known issues, including crashes and data loss situations. In fact, it may not work at all.

Homepage: http://my.opera.com/desktopteam/blog/2009/06/30/link-fixes-and-unite-search-engine-blocking


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