06 June 2009

No Rights ALPHA ...building the ultimate P2P tool

No Rights is a free, light-weight and easy-to-use Peer-2-Peer for Windows

NO Rights was created by the need of yet another attempt to reach the final step on the P2P evolution, it's not meant to be a file-sharing application only. It will not only permit the sharing of files but any other content or resources across a distributed network with focus on being a platform for abstraction to any other open-system like NNTP (Newsgroups), IRC (Internet Relay Chat), Email etc...
A Gnutella PT test project on P2P based on Gnucleus.

The application doesn't need to be installed. The No Rights development team provides you an installer which automates creating links in the startmenu etc., but you also can download the binary zip package which contains only the main executable, which runs fine without installing anything.

No Rights doesn't, in contrast to many other applications, use any functions that require the latest Windows operating system, such like theming on XP or like a .NET application requiring a .NET framework.

No Rights doesn't store anything on your system. The program doesn't create any new registry keys and it doesn't create any initialization files (ini) in your Windows directory. Deleting the NO Rights directory (in case you downloaded the binary zip package) or using the uninstaller (in case you downloaded the installer package) leaves no trace of No Rights on your system.

No Rights runs on Windows systems:

* Windows 98SE / ME
* Windows NT 4.0
* Windows 2000
* Windows XP
* Windows 2003

No Rights is a Windows application. It has been developed using Microsoft Visual C++ with MFC classes. No .NET framework is required, nor any other special DLLs. So it should run on all Windows operating systems.

And the best: it's free!

Homepage: http://pwp.netcabo.pt/0165672801/no/defaut.htm | Mirror | FAQ
DL: http://pwp.netcabo.pt/0165672801/no/bin/Install_NORights.exe | Mirror


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