24 June 2009

ExeinfoPE v0.0.2.4 with 512 sign by A.S.L.

Exeinfo PE v0.0.2.4 with 512 sign 2009.06.06

+ added Mole Box fake sign
+ added 7zip ripper
+ added detect MS C++ v.10.0 visual studio 2010
+ added non exe detection : gzip, bzip

fixed - version info expanded Activmark detection to v.6.x
fixed digital sign bug (-size)
fixed RDG ver.
multiscaner - out of bounds(0) removed
red color fixed in Reserved - Form2

file types added:

NOT EXE - Flash v.7 CWS format .swf
NOT EXE - audio .mo3 format - (Module with MP3) - www.un4seen.com
NOT EXE - .MNG (Multi-image Network Graphic Animation - anim .png) format
NOT EXE - .mp4/m4v - generic detector
NOT EXE - SQLite Data Base format - www.sqlite.com

New Sign:

508. VMware ThinApp 4.0.2 - 20.02.2009 - Copyright 2006-2009 VMware, Inc. www.thinstal.com - www.vmware.com
509. MPRESS v2.12 -> [v2.12] - MATCODE com PRESS for executables (C)2007-2009.05.11 MATCODE Software - www.matcode.com
510. WildTangent Game wrapper 2.2.0.xx -  www.wildtangent.com - www.wildgames.com
511. RealArcade Wrapper (.garr) www.realarcade.com
512. GPScript Programming Language v5.0 - 2007.11.20 - Copyright(C) 2001 - 2003, GPcH Soft - www.dotfix.com

ASL Homepage: http://www.exeinfo.xwp.pl/
Download: http://www.box.net/shared/79q0e54e4g | Mirror: exeinfope0024test512sign.zip     540.28 KB

submitted via post to blogger due to www.blogger.com access problems   


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