05 April 2010

eMule 0.49c No.Name Beta Edition by B4n$h33

eMule 0.49c No.Name Beta Edition by B4n$h33

About this emule

only a test for new chimera
corrected almost all bugs present in old code
added Generate New Personal Security Hash in Security Page
new antileech system (experimental)
new compiler
new gestion sources
new upload management
you added this to that which already exists .... oh my god

if some credits are wrong in changelog , is not my fault
waiting eMule v0.50a

Spread This Mod Everywhere you are all authorized !

Changelog No.Number

add 80% score for non SI clients [Xman]
add Additional Security Check [Wizard]
add Anti Corruption [WiZaRd]
add Anti Leech System Beta [B4n$h33]
add Anti-nickthieftag [B4n$h33]
add Anti Shape [Netfinity]
add Auto-Kick Data [B4n$h33]
add Auto-Kick Timer [B4n$h33]
add Automatic Firewalled Retries [Wizard]
add Automatic shared files updater [MoNKi/Stulle/B4n$h33]
add Ban Client with Bad UserHash [B4n$h33]
add Better Passive Source Finding [Jva]
add Client percentage [Xman/B4n$h33]
add Client Times and Qrs in downlist[B4n$h33]
add Catch oversized public key in credit.met file [SiRoB]
add ConChecker [Taken from Alias]
add Copy statistics [dlarge/B4n$h33]
add Detection for uncounted upload [pP]
add Dynamic Block Requests [Netfinity/B4n$h33]
add Dynamic Boost Good Client [B4n$h33]
add dynamic IP-Filters [Xman]
add Dynamic Reask [B4n$h33]
add Emulate other [Spike2]
add Enhanced Client Recognition v2 [Spike2]
add Fake eChanblard [Umek]
add Fake Rank [B4n$h33]
add filter clients with failed downloads [Xman]
add Filter FullQueue [B4N$h33]
add Filter LowID [B4N$h33]
add Filter NoEmuleClient [B4N$h33]
add Filter NoNeedPart [B4N$h33]
add Filter out unreachable LowID-sources [Xman]
add Filter some Suspect Bad Uploader [B4n$h33]
add Find best sources [Xman]
add Friends in color and in bold [RoadRunner Mod]
add Generate New Personal Security Hash
add Horde op-codes [Netfinity]
add Inform Clients after IP Change [Stulle/pP]
add IP Filter Auto Update [Taken from Alias]
add IP to Country [TK4 Mod]
add Larger File Buffer [pP]
add L2HAC [Neo Mule]
add manual reask for new sources [KTS]
add manual Reask Nnp/FullQ/All [old Lsd Mod]
add manual swap A4AF [Jva/Changed B4n$h33]
add Mass Rename [AcKroNiC Mod]
add Memory Leak on Low ID Smart Check [Xmen]
add Mod ID [B4n$h33]
add Mod Log & add Leecher Log [pP/B4n$h33]
add Multi Server Connect [Sarutobi]
add no share single file in Upload Priority [Flo/B4n$h33]
add Node.dat Auto Update [pP]
add Out lined Percentage in Bold [B4n$h33]
add Own Preferences.ini = No.NamePrefs.ini [B4n$h33]
add Publish files on the networks [Dazzle/B4n$h33]
add Publish small incomplete files fix [Wizard]
add Quickstart [DavidXanatos]
add QRdiff [pP/B4n$h33]
add Random Modstring [B4n$h33]
add Relax on startup [WiZaRd]
add Reset Kad-IP on IP-Change [Spike2]
add Save load Sources [Xman]
add Server Rotation [B4n$h33]
add Set Server.met URL [pP]
add Share Level [Dazzle]
add Side Banner [TPT]
add slot controll [pP]
add Slot Focus [pP]
add Show Chunkdots [Slugfiller]
add Show Complete up/down [Xman/B4n$h33]
add Show Donwload in bold [B4n$h33]
add Show Download in Color [pP]
add Show Downloading Time in Downloadlist [SLAHAM]
add Show LowIDs in color [Xman/B4n$h33]
add Show MQR in DownloadlistCtrl [Spike2/B4n$h33]
add Show paused files in grey [MorphXT Mod]
add Show progress of hashing files [O2]
add Show RQR/Speed in upload-queuelist [iOniX Mod/Changed B4n$h33]
add Show Speed Meter [?]
add Show version see clientversion in every window [Xman]
add Some Kad Fix [Wizard]
add UDP Reask security check [Netfinity]
add Upload Priority in DownloadlistCtrl [evl]
add Upload Protector [B4n$h33]
add Extreme Upload Protector [B4n$h33]
add Visualize Mod Icons [B4n$h33]
add WinSockV2 [eWombat]
Change Don't accept to short message-filters [Wizard]
Change Slot Controll Code [B4n$h33]
fix Wrong Hover [Wizard]
fix Wrong null userhash [ilmira]
IrcFix [B4n$h33]
remove limit search result [B4n$h33]
remove information advertising of the server [B4n$h33]
remove ratio [B4n$h33]
some change in opcode.h [B4n$h33]

- vs2008 sp1
- ATL 9.0.70425 Alpha
- cryptopp 5.1
- id3lib 3.8.3
- libpng 1.41
- ResizableLib 1.3
- zlib 1.2.3
- CxImage 6.00
- miniupnpc 1.95
ImageBanana - Unbenannt.png
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