25 April 2010

RDesc 2.30 — with 2shared and egoshare

RDesc v2.30
Here comes a new version of RDesc added two more servers in this version — egoshare and 2shared.

New in RDesc Version 2.30: (23/04/2010)
- Added new hosts: 2shared and Egoshare
- Added new language: Bulgarian
- Added new account free: zshare.
- Now you can add easy-share link types of: http://w16.easy-share.com/XXXXXXXXXX.html and http://easy-share.com/XXXXXXXXXX.html
- Fixed problems in the information box
- Fixed crash by high ip requests to verify many links to megaupload
- Fixed problem with lix.in
- Fixed error when using proxy servers with captcha
- Fixed bug that caused the creation of log.txt file in another directory
- Fixed errors in Hotfile

Homepage: http://rdesc.com/

Version 2.30
Instalar_RDesc_2.30.exe Instalable 942 KB — http://rdesc.com/fileere/Instalar_RDesc_2.30.exe
RDesc_2.30_portable.zip Portable 1.06 MB — http://rdesc.com/fileere/RDesc_2.30_portable.zip

A new auto-update version comes to 2.30. With this new update is available solves the past problems with the servers. Specifically the error is fixed letitbit hotfile and that by you could not download them. With this update we can continue downloading without problem from these servers.

Download this file (http://rdesc.com/rdhost/RDHost_2.30.5.zip) and unzip into the folder RDesc, when asked replace the old file.


Anonymous said...

i recently started to use r desc rapidshare downloader. it all worked well for the first time without time delays. but there after it is taking an interval time of 15 mins. why is this so? pls help me to fix the problem and is an earnest request. my address is maheshcopywriter@gmail.com

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