02 April 2010

eMule 0.49c R-Mod v.3.2

[eMule 0.49c] R-Mod v.3.2 [van Releases4U]
Onze eigen Releases4u eMule mod genaamd R-Mod (our mod) is geupdate naar R-Mod versie 3.2 Gebaseerd op eMule 0.49c en Modded by pP voor Releases4U.net

R-mod features:

* Standaard nickname: [Releases4U.net] Dare to Share [R-Mod].
* Standaard Server lijst van Releases4U van de meest betrouwbare servers.
* Standaard in het Nederlands dus voor iedereen makkelijk te gebruiken.
* Server updates staan uit zodat je serverlijst niet vervuild.
* Het eMulepawcio IP-filter van de officiele eMule site wordt elke dag ververst zodat je altijd de laatste versie gebruikt.
* |Brein|Zambor|FX|DI-Emule|Disrael|Ketamine zijn opgenomen in je berichten filter zodat je daar geen lastige berichten van ontvangt.

R-Mod 3.2 changelog:

based on: OfFixed 1.0 by Spike2

Added: Various fixes by dolphinX [pP/dolphinX]
Added: Grey out dead/unreliable servers [bluesonicboy]
Added: show current server in blue & bold [xman1]
Added: Variable compression [ [NetFinity]
Changed: Added active Betatesters to credits [pP]
Extern: updated ModIconDll (check forum!) [pP]
Changed: Download ModIconDll from eMulesector [pP]
Changed: Moved all Icons to ModIconDLL [pP]
Added: Overlays for LowIDs in all lists [pP]
Removed: ClientSoftIcons code [pP]
Removed: ClientSoft and OwnMod icons [pP]
Removed: SoftIcon for VeryCD/easyMule [pP]
Fixed: AHL, DynADP and Updates stopped working after some time [pP]
Added: Show real- and funnynick in clientdetails[pP]
Added: eMuleate other [WiZaRd/Spike/shadow2004]
Added: File Feedback [IceCream/MorphXT]
Added: Session Feedback (Export Stats) [pP]
Added: SoftIcon for VeryCD/easyMule [pP]
Added: Fincan detection [JvA/Wizard]
Added: Session and Global PS stats [pP]
Added: Switch for SlotFocus (q-list/up-list) [pP/evl]
Added: Switch for Flood Prevention (q-list) [pP/evl]
Added: Flood Prevention [Wizard]
Added: SourceSaver [?]
Changed: Added ActiveRatio, removed offi one [pP/Netfinity]
Changed: Adopted ANT to usage of FunnyNicks [pP]
Added: Client Anylyzer 1.5 [Wizard]
Added: Icon for GPLEvildoer [pP, Icon from Argos]
øChanged: Added some Mods to GPLEvildoer list [pP]
Updated: Rewritten ClientSoft icon code [pP]
Added: ClientSoft and OwnMod icons [pP]
Added: Slot control, fix amnesia after restarts [pP]
Added: Dynamic AutoDownPriorities (v1 & 2.1) [pP]
Added: IPFilter update [evl/DarkMatter]
Added: Reask sources after IP changes [Stulle/X-Ray]
Added: Colored/Bold downloads [pP]
Added: Winsock v2 support [?/X-Ray]
Added: ConChecker [eWombat/X-Ray]
Added: Powershare, incl. statistics [zz/pP]
Added: Own Ratio [VQB/Alias]
Added: Recalc scores only after Up/dn changes [pP/idea by Wizard]
Added: ChunkDots [Slugfiller/CB]
Added: ICS [EnkyDev/X-Ray]
Added: DynamicBLockRequests [Netfinity/X-Ray]
Added: Delayed NNP [Netfinity/X-Ray]
Added: ClientPercentages [?/X-Ray]
Added: NodeDatUpdate [pP/Alias]
Added: Download countryflag dlls if missing [pP]
Added: Ip 2 Country, full implementation again [from X-Ray]
Changed: Modstring

I want to thank my friend pP for making this great mod and for the effort and time he has put in to this.

Homepage: http://www.releases4u.net/index.php/..eMule_0.49c%5D_R-Mod_v.3.2_%5Bvan_Releases..
BBS: http://www.releases4u.net/forum/index.php?showtopic=28462

Download r-mod_3.2_bin.rar 2.59 MB
R-Mod v3.2
source code


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