14 April 2010

eMule v0.50a ZZ-R V3.4 Beta 2

ZZ-R V3.4 Beta 2

ZZ-R V3.4 Beta 2


+ Upload only to eMule/aMule

+ Fixed display bug in filestatistic window

+ Restore/minimize to speedgraph window

+ Fixed Friend/Friendslot color in design settings

+ Changed Quickstart (now in options-extended)

+ Quickstart to Tools and Speedgraph menu

+ Some changes in options pages

+ Fixed friendslot icon

- Removed the experimental "active spread priority"

- Removed MultiFile StatusBar

- Removed Mod Log (one log window is enough)

- Removed IP2Country from Kad window to save memory

- Removed ICS (after some tests no disadvantage without)

some minor fixes around the upgrade

from tombstone 2.1

+ Removed unnecessary user limitation that prevented downloading files in the default cat alphabetically

+ MetaDataDlg is now added on-the-fly when you change the ext controls pref setting

+ Fixed localization bug in shared files window

+ Fixed official bugs in indexed.cpp

DownloadeMule 0.50a.ZZ-R.v3.4.beta2.rar 3.74 MB



1212H said...

Is it the default version of antileech.dll that comes with the mod, I just saw a ZZ-R 3.4 using the default modstring and getting punished. Another thing I should have brought up a long time ago is argos in zz-r, althou in 3.4 it is working good overall, I still had to turn off mod-changer and nick-changer detection, every zz-r mod i can remember i've had to turn these off in argos because eventually most mod users will be marked as mod changers, and people using certain official mods will be marked as nick changers no matter how I tweak the change times. I know the problem is not with the detection settings that I set in argos, because when I used apace V1.7 argos would work without flaws, I would still use apace 1.7 if it had multi-server connect. One more thing, since I upgraded to 3.1 or maybe 3.2 of zz-r I have not seen any eplus clients receive upload, and for some strange reason allot of the eplus clients started asking allot faster at first. Anyways, I still cannot upload to them wether upload only to emule is disabled or not.

Grobyc said...

Prefer clientanalyzer instead Argos though, thats why im using Apace still but needs to upgraded to 0.50a.

1212H said...

CA could be a good credit system if some changes were made to the scoring system. For example, i used to have a 1mb upload stream and most people on emule could not match my upload, so their were tons of good uploaders getting reduced scores all cause they could not keep up with my upload, they were good uploaders nevertheless and should have been rewarded and not punished. Also, I used to download much more back then, I mostly only upload now so CA cannot evaluate users based on their upload to me when I'm not downloading anything off them. So what I see is a bunch of people getting their scores reduced for "xs-exploit" wich is b.s. cause I see all kinds of users getting punished for it wether they are using mods or not. I've tested this with official mods and stuff, and I dont know what it takes to "xs-exploit" but any client can get punished for it, mod or not. The xs-exploit punishment would not be too bad if they limited how a person could be punished, but I've seen people getting 0 scores and stuck in my queue for nothing. So to sum it up, punishing people for behaviour is only good for when you are downloading off them enough to have a bit of time to observe the behaviour, if you are not downloading then the only thing CA will punish for is bogus xs-exploit, and aggresive behaviour that it finds in your queue, wich is why CA would make for a great credit system, but in my opinion, insufficient and counterproductive as a antileech system

morph4u said...

ZZ-R V3.4 Beta 3


+ Readded "links/edit webservices" to tools button and speedgraph window
+ Additional localize in options pages for ok, cancel,apply [X-Mod/dolphinx]
+ Fixed order of options page icons
+ Moved "banned/no up was in upload" logline to leecher log
+ Changed leecher log now only visible if verbose log is enabled
+ Readded filesize column in uploadlist
+ Added sort for filesize column in uploadlist
+ Fixed Fileinfodialog Codec Text Size Too Big (not displaying text below properly) [Stulle]
+ Fixed Preview menu entry was not grayed out


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