30 April 2010

EXEForger (SignsImitator)

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The utility replaces the signature and ident issue for any sign from the list.

EXEForger (SignsImitator)
Release date: April 2010.
Type: RCE Tool.

False positive:
Check MD5 and SHA1 at www.delphi4arab.com or www.at4re.com
Version [04/2010] BETA 01 (Test release)

- EXEForger - New name.
- Add Anti fake signature detector
- Add Fake linker
- Add Fake subsystem
- Add Random section name
- Windows Vista / Seven support

Version [01/2008]
- Bug fixed: Crash if no padding after last section
- Add false signs for All programs [See the tested files]
- .Net not supported
- Add false signs in packed programs [See the tested files]

Version [10/2007]
- First public release (Test release)
- Add false signs only for Delphi programs
- Use All PEiD Data base

Arab Team 4 Reverse Engineering - www.at4re.com
Delphi4Arab - www.delphi4arab.com

Homepage: http://qunpack.ahteam.org/
DownloadEXEForger_(SignsImitator)_1.0.40.10.rar 298.34 KB


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