07 April 2010

eMule 0.50a ZZ-R V3.4 Beta 1


ZZ-R V3.4 Beta 1

Based on eMule 0.50a Final

+ new speedgraph (drop target) from x-mod
+ changed blockratio kick (drop blocking clients)
+ fakerank to argos no upload setting
+ changed modstring | usernick | runtime to titlebar
+ update crypto to newest v5.6.0
+ changed/removed clienticons (now all non emule are shown with green cross)
+ fixed auto connect at startup
+ updated to libpng 1.41 and cximage 6.0.0
+ changed community code
+ changed funny nick code
+ Added Payback First
+ added "Enable PBF for Leecher" switchable
+ added "Enable PBF for PartFiles" switchable
+ added PBF color in design settings
+ added Friend Slot to design settings
- removed community list
- removed filedonkey from search
- removed DownloadChunkDisplay to save memory
- removed Webservices
- removed connection checker
- removed asfu
- removed xpmenu
- removed context menu icons
- removed statistic tree icons

... many I forgot to list here ;-)

and many more changes around ZZ-R
some things are experimental



eMule 0.50a.ZZ-R.v3.4.beta1.rar 3.75 MB

Danke an morph4u!!!


Admin said...

Hi morph4u. Das ist ein super mod. Hab den hier mit Webstick grad laufen. Geht trotz lowid sehr gut! Danke!

1212H said...

I hope that this mod will include the option to choose chunks to upload to normal users, as was in the older zz-r mods. Its a nice feature that can help you modify your queue a bit

1212H said...

o, and the non-emule client blocker as well, thanks for the great mods

Mert said...

please morph4u upgrade to LPE mod ... i'm big supported to you..

morph4u said...

sure, anytime... but first should there be a 0.50 Xtreme, then a upgraded X-Mod/Lite, and then i upgrade -LPE- ;-)

but if i find some important fixes i update the 0.49c -LPE-

morph4u said...

"upload only to eMule/aMule" is in next beta switchable so that you can use also without pro-leecher-system

morph4u said...

eMule0.49c Xtreme 7.2 -LPE-


- Removed some code to solve a crash
- Removed ASFU (auto shared files updater)
- some codecleanings

and other little things I forgot and changed and fixed at last 3 weeks ;-)


Mert said...

I understand waiting impatiently :)

thanks for reply..

Grobyc said...

Morph are you gonna update Apace mod to 0.50a?

morph4u said...

Maybe after ZZ-R is final

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