12 May 2007

Azureus Hacked Shu Mod by Seba

Hacked Shu Mod ( by seba14


build 194
fix: always enable update button
fix: Show you as a seeder(100% done and no download report) first announce bug
fix: can’t use show as seeder with download reduction mix
fix: can’t use show as a seeder with start fake upload when x% done

build 193
fix: per torrent : show as a seed wasn’t saved correctly

build 192
removed fake seeding mode (up & dl)
removed fake upload multi mixed with seeding mode
added : show me as a seed for Fake Upload Speed Ratio ++
change: console log now show under the “plug” checkbox so you are no longer annoyed by the spam in the console log ^^
fixed: completed flag was sent all the time when showing as a seed using no report.

Homepage: seba14.org

Download Final Version:
Azureus Hacked Shu Mod (8.07 MB) - (Mirror)
OSX Version: azureus. - Mirror
Last Beta: Azureus2.5Shu2.3.0.194.rar Direct Download

uTorrent 1.6.1
Client Spoof Plugin
plugin.version=yEEhaa uTorrent mOd v1.1

uTorrent1.6.1spoof.rar (37.81 KB) - (Mirror)

uTorrent 1.7.0
Client Spoof Plugin (Test Version)
(ua id string send=uTorrent 1.7.0) (in Test!)
uTorrent1.7.0.spoof.rar (37.84 KB) - (Mirror)


Anonymous said...

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Author (uploader) name-
Author: aXXo - Member Since: 12/17/2005

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