04 May 2007

eMule v0.46c [PROTEINE 4.2] Beta

PROTEINE V4.2 beta test

* Based on MorphXT 7.3 *
modded by COoLZERo

Fix: nick default.
Fix: funnynick
Fix: Double click on client detail.
Added: emulate.
Added: automatic drop.
Added feed RSS of the p2pforum.
Added comand "Shoutdown eMule and PC" in Shoulder.
Added option "Delete file from disk" from download windows.
Increase buffer until 10Mb.
Changed: miniemule.
Upgrade leechermod list.
Change: invisible mode.
Show number of max slot in upload in the "Upload" word.
Invert Log whit ServerLog.
Upgrade: optimizer.
Removed completely the proxy code.
Upload management dynamique[himura]
Drop NNS/FQ/HQ adjustable
Emulate other lphant/edonkey/shareaza [wizard]
Fakerank to FQ
upload only complet files [CZ]
optimization fakerank
optimization cpu usage (-50% cpu usage)
and more....

eMule Proteine 3.03 beta

--Feature from Neo mule 3.00--

- SLS Update fix
- Reask On Ip Change Update
- Argos Anti Leecher system
- Argos - Flood detection
- mussic preview
- icons update
- min fragmet size for not BC
- new reask on ip change OP_CHANGE_CLIENT_ID
- check internet connection, stop ul/dl
- Custom warning message
- kad aux port
- customize udp server reask : on/of, time
- extended udp catch
- friends met backup
- Source Limit 1 udp/kad/ed2k/xs/sls
- Source Limit 2 (global/cat)
- merge Neo- with 043b-code
- adapted zzDownloadmanager and other adjustments...
- updated IpCountries & GoIP.dat
- added win2000 transparency (MoNKi)
- added Friend State Columne
- Complete Source Value in SearchList
- added ability to 'Add Friend Links' in FriendList
- MiniMule flicker-Free
- import WiZaRds PeaceMod-TreeOptionCTRL
- some gui-fixes
- Shared Cat's
- MergeKnown
- WebService script
- ...

upload kick 2.3
Fakerank variable indetectable
No share complete files
Void ip in chat windows
community boost
No ratio

eMule 0.46 proteine 4.2.rar (4.27 MB)
Download proteine mod v4.2beta

older Versions:
emule proteine 4 .rar (4.27 MB)
eMule Proteine 3.03 beta.rar (2.5 MB)
eMule proteine 3 final.rar (1.64 MB)
eMule Proteine III.rar (2.4 MB)

eMule Codeine
eMule Zero Division Codeine.rar (1.62 MB)
eMule Codeine 0.2 vB.rar (1.62 MB)

More eMule Mods based on 0.40 to 0.47b eMule can be found here


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