14 May 2007

eMule 0.48a ZZULtimativ v1.5 BETA 6

ZZULtimativ v1.5 BETA 6 based on 0.48a

Beta 6

* SlotFocus option shown correct in Preferences Dialog
* some missing code needed for Upload without SlotFocus changed a little bit to work with MaxChunks transfered[KTS/mL]
* optimized AuthSystem CPU Load - only check AuthCode one Time at startup and cache the UserRights
+ some Loglines for AuthSystem


+ Set Max Chunks to transfer[mL]
+ some optimations in AuthSystem
+ Higher value for Max Search Results (10000)
+ Queue Per File Push[Slugfiller]
+ No Score for non Mule[Dazzle]
+ SlotFocus/MaxSlots[kts]
+ Push Rare Files[kts]
+ Community/AntiCommunity Detection[MightyKnife]
+ Comm-/AntiComm-/Boost/Punish
+ Automatic Friendslot[kts]
+ Max Segment Size[kts]
+ FunnyNicks[kts]
+ Log Friend Activities[MightyKnife]
+ Friendfix[Wizard]
+ Fix Connection Collesion[sirob]
+ Find Best Sources[XMan]
+ Better Chunk Selection[XMan]
+ Dynamic Block Requests[netfinity]
+ Code Optimations/SaveCPU[XMan/Wizard]
+ Pref SideBanner[eMulefuture]
+ Slidebar[eMulePlus/Wizard]
+ Mod Log [ionix]
+ Own Preferences File[Wizard] and own file for AuthSystem
+ Uploading Chunk Display[ZZ]
+ ZZUL Uploadsystem[ZZ]
+ PowerShare[ZZ]
+ SelectiveChunkSharing[Slugfiller/Morph]
+ ShareOnlyTheNeed[Slugfiller/Morph]
+ HideOvershare[Slugfiller/Morph]
+ SafeHash fix[XMan]
+ Optimation don't Update to often[XMan]
+ Spreadbar[Slugfiller]
+ Flush Thread Optimation[XMan]
+ Flush Thread[Sirob]
+ ReadBlockFromFileThread[Slugfiller]
+ SafeHash[slugfiller]
+ Don't send MOD_VERSION to client that don't support it to reduce overhead[SiRoB]
+ Reduced CPU usage in UInt128.cpp[netfinity]
+ ownCredits[VQB]
+ Kick & Ban in Uploadlist[kts]
+ Enable/Disable Slot Focus in Uploadlist[kts]
+ Push Part & Finished Files[Spe64]
+ editable FriendBoost Factor
+ Code to Save Float[Spe64]
+ choose Modstring[Spe64]
+ Support for tag ET_MOD_VERSION 0x55[Maella]
+ Avoid Credits Accumulate Fakers[Morph/WiZaRd]
+ CPU Calm Down[WiZaRd]
+ ClientAnalyzer[WiZaRd]
+ Simple AuthSystem (only can use Bad Options with right AuthCode)
+ Show Download in Bold (official) saveable (wird nach neustart übernommen)
+ Simple Upload Slot Focus[Spike]
+ make Ban Spammer switchable
+ Variable compression - Reduce CPU usage for high bandwidth connections[netfinity]
+ Better Dumping[WiZaRd]
+ Don't Ban Friends[kts]
+ CodeImprovement[Avi3k]
+ SAFE_DELETE-macros[eWombat/Spike]

Download: eMule 0.48a ZZULtimativ 1.5 BETA 6.7z (1.95 MB) - (Mirror) - (DDL)

ed2k Link:
rem.: The "More" Menu for the req. auth. key (under test) may contain almost features for "power releaser". A analyse shows only info about explorits by activation under Sivka Settings!!?? Screenshot follow


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