09 May 2007

eMule v0.47c Merza SmaLL v7.2 final

eMule Version 0.47c Merza SmaLL v7.2
modded by gentil_monsieur
rel. rev.: 04/2007
Connection - NO Upload settings:

eMule 0.47c Merza SmaLL v7.2 final.7z (1.33 MB) (04-15-2007) - (Mirror) - (DDL) - Merza_SmaLL_v7.2_final.exe

eMule Version 0.47c Merza SmaLL v7.2 test.rar (1.32 MB) (04-10-2007) - (Mirror) - (DDL)
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eMule 0.47c Merza SmaLL v7.2 Fix.7z (1.32 MB) (04-20-2007)
eMule 0.47c Merza SmaLL v7.1.7z (1.26 MB) (04-03-2007)
eMule v0.47c Merza SmaLL v7.rar (1.2 MB) (03-27-2007) - (Mirror) time limited: set the date before March 09. 2007 only in this Version!

Shalom Israel


Anonymous said...

it doesn't run. it crashes on startup.

Anonymous said...

Works for me. Maybe try a fresh install or sort/delete (backup before) your /config/*.* folder!
Add only server.met

Anonymous said...


-si noup alors share only temp files sinon share all files et don’t
send filelist to server ainsi que don’t publish filelist
-quelques modifs mineures
-suppression check box on/off upmana
-hideos + sotn //morph
-ModelessDialogs //x-ray sauf pour la fenetre des prefs
-ip2country //Telp
-nouvelle prioritée “no share” //gatchy-himu
-toolbar + speedgraph // x-ray

v7.2 fix
- fix hideos (crash apres redemarrage)
- enlevage du speedgraph et mise en place d’un logo a la place //merci himu pour le logo
- petite cure d’allégement : suppression aboutbox, liste de credit et les collections
(ouaip ca pourra éventuellement manquer a certain mais moi je ne l’ai jamais utilisé…)
- quelques changements dans le DynamicBlockRequest
- reorganisation des sources + nettoyage (gros gros taf mais cela devenait nécessaire)
- modeless dialog // slugfiller => a la place de celui de xanatos
- colone clientsoftware dans upload //wizard

Main features:multiserver-upmana-fakerank-no upload

Anonymous said...

Does anyone knows the pass for the 7.2 Fix...cause the 7.2 is already expired.

Anonymous said...

wtf what is the password for the fix?

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