15 May 2007

eMule v0.48a ZZUL 20070513-2310

eMule v0.48a ZZUL 20070513-2310
based on eMule 0.48a

This is just SlotFocus + Powershare + some other small stuff that's always been in ZZUL but isn't in official.

Zzul 20070513-2310:
* First version based on eMule 0.48a

Zzul 20060914-2117:
* First version based on eMule 0.47c
* Fixed: Last version gave lowid when connecting to 17.13-servers if obfuscation wasn't enabled.
* Fixed: Last version froze if network connection was lost.

Zzul 20060909-0015
* First version based on eMule 0.47b
* Upload chunk detail and show needed parts merged from Morph.
* Various small fixes and improvements.

Zzul 20060416-2305
Fixed bug that often caused connections to other clients to fail. (Bug was introduced in 20060413-2149 version.)
Inserted SiRob's changes of m_bHelloAnswerPending and SendStartupLoadReq()
Small fix in UploadThrottler to do proper sleeping when no upload limit is set.

unicode Release:

eMule 0.48a Zzul 20070513-2310 unicode.rar (1.66 MB) - (Mirror) - (DDL)

eMule 0.48a Zzul 20070513-2310 Source.zip (636.45 KB) - (Mirror) - (DDL)

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