20 May 2007

Ratio Faker 0.6.5

Ratio Faker exploits a bug in BitTorrent tracker websites that use ratios. Using this bug users can send to the tracker server fake info about the uploaded data amount. It works on most all popular BitTorrent sites.

Tested with these Trackers:
* scenetorrents.org
* hdbits.org
* oink.me.uk
* torrentbytes.net
* bitmetv.org
* filelist.org
* filemp3.org

How to operate:
السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

كتير اوى بيشتكو من تهدي المواقع الخاصة للاكونت الخاص بهم نظرا لقلة ال ratio الخاص بالاكونت وطبعا صعب اوى انك ترفع محتويات يدويا

فما الحل ؟؟؟؟؟

الحل فى برنامج اسمه (ratio faker ) وهو يعمل على وهم الموقع بانك بترفع محتويات مع انك مش بترفع ولا حاجة .

شرح البرنامج :

1_ حمل من الموقع المراد خدعه اى ملف تورنت بس يكون اللى السيدر بتاع الابلودر اكتر من الداونلودر

2_ افتح البرنامج ثم اضغط ( open ) ثم قم بوضع ملف التورنت اللى انتا حملته

3_ اجعل كلمة ( download ) صفر

4_ اضغط على كلمة ( start )

وسيبدأ البرنامج فى خداع الموقع بانك بتعمل ( upload )

Ratio Faker 0.6.5a.exe (52 KB) - (mirror) Shows as FALSE POSITIVE because of the used ExE Packer.


Anonymous said...

Is there an update for Ratio Faker 0.6.5.This is an awesome tool but is a little outdated i think.From what i understood it announces the tracker that it's used uTorrent/1600, client that is banned on some trackers.Could i change this setting to utorrent 177?I tried but didn't work.

Anonymous said...

at info hash what i need to write???!!

Anonymous said...

What's the difference between this and http://ratiofaker.blogspot.com, besides that the seconds seems to be more updated?

Recon said...

This is better and more up to date:


me said...

This worked with me on http://www.tgm3.com thanks for you

Anonymous said...

Hi, BAD guys ( leechers ). I hate you, because you`re lying to get more and give little or nothing. Shame ! Damn you, dishonoured bastards !

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