21 May 2007

TuoTu V3.0.99 Beta

What is the delinking of rabbit (Tuotu) 3-3 from rabbit is the first fourth generation multi-use agreement transmission engine downloading software Rabbit from three beautiful interface, easy operation and abundant resources to allow users to use more handy. From rabbits with three popular download software integration-the biggest difference is that rabbit from the original three to be independent of each other get through the transmission protocol, Implementation of each file from different transmission agreement was source cleverly solved various transmission protocol its own deficiencies, which greatly improved the speed of downloading, The stability and effectiveness of resources. In future, users need not go to consider BT, eMule, HTTP, and so on the download agreement and complex setup, Install only from the rabbit, will be able to quick and easy download. 3 rabbits from the use of operating...

TuoTu - The Rabbit - 3 in one eMule, BitTorrent, HTTP
什么是脱兔(Tuotu)3 ? 脱兔3是首家采用第四代跨协议传输引擎的下载软件,脱兔3亮丽的界面、简便的操作和丰富的资源让用户使用起来更加得心应手。脱兔3与目前流行的整合型下载软件最大区别在于,脱兔3能够将原本相互独立的传输协议相互打通,实现了每个文件能够从不同的传输协议中获得来源,巧妙的解决了各个传输协议自身的不足,从而极大的提高了下载速度、稳定性和资源的有效性。今后,用户不必再去考虑BT、eMule、HTTP等等下载协议和复杂的设置,只要安装脱兔,就能轻松快速的下载。 脱兔3的使用操作>>

Homepage: http://www.tuotu.com/Download.shtm

Download: 脱兔TuoTu 3.0.99 测试版 (2007.05.19)
Tuotu_3.0.99_beta.exe (2.57 MB)


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