20 April 2008

BitSpirit Ads Free MoD

BitSpirit No Ads - Ads Free MoD

Main features:
- Clean interface (after Ads removed, patching bitspirit.exe,...)
- Multiple simultaneous downloads
- Disk cache mechanism
- Fast job resume
- File selecting support
- Powerful file manager
- UPnP portmapping
- Instant Messaging support
- Gzip Data compression
- Flexible speed control
- Scheduled downloading
- Integrated with IE
- Shutdown computer when done
- HTTP/SOCKS4/5 proxy support
- High speed
- Very low CPU & Mem usage

Programmed in Delphi
BitSpirit version v3.3.2.132

Fixed: network traffic in the larger circumstances procedure may frequent Add / Remove UPnP port;
Fixed: v3.3.1.202 versions of the amendment after some filters useless for downloaded files from the side edge of the player;
Improvements: update fixes several connectivity to support a new system (Vista SP1), and in some cases no longer suggested that the main program linking several patches;
Improvements: the main program of "functional" menu, add "a few patches connected" to facilitate the call connect several patches;
Improvements: the stability of a number of other minor amendments;

Ads Free MoD:
- All Advertising and remote Statistic collection removed (pointing to: bsupdate.txt, bsupdate2.txt, bsspecial.txt,...banner)
-> Modify BitSpirit.exe to remove embedded call homes and stats tracker + unplug call url's (domains) create the collected *.txt files)

- Program cleaned from tracing urls (call homes)
- Program exe internal crc and relocations optimized

- Set the config 2 your neez (disable update check, browser integration, etc...) !!!
- Torrent Builder Cleaned (not exe protected)

Based on schematic from HTF Mod (Hot Team Forever) (http://htforever.cn/) + Modify Updated BitSpirit program exe (see above):

1. Not modify the original kernel. (Don't know how they want to block the traces from Bitspirit.exe without removing it in the file? If not a 2nd application such as url blocker or entries are set in win hostfile, it will still collect and trace but visual not more be shown only by set a read only attrib to some files. It won't disable it fully!)
2. Removed from the original advertising. (Virtual only!!!)
3. Replace the original icon resources for the Tango style.
4. Green version (non-installer - rar, zip) which can be extracted.

File size: 2,956,800

SHA1: efae49356e16397f5cfd3bedc4f0444bfe459e66
MD5: 2875ca33a05bd5d06eb6cfa69bf75f63

Original Announce:

比特精灵 v3.3.2.132正式版 MD5 ( WinMD5 )
主程序(BitSpirit.exe 2.93MB):232E87FCFE2C99EB2E4965BEBFE34206
中文版(SetupCN.exe 2.55MB):E62EE1EE818206CF371A113F497F4FDF
国际版(SetupEN.exe 2.37MB):C80509BB2A9B47227C2D5647ACD81FE9
改进:更新连接数补丁以支持较新的系统(Vista SP1),在某些情况下主程序不再提示连接数补丁;
Down dir all builds: http://www.lanspirit.net/download/bs/

Green Tip:
official version (installer) is bundled with the installation of optional
plug-ins, addons,... The green version have this shit removed!

Homepage: http://www.167bt.com/bbs/viewthread.php?tid=216788
BBS: http://www.167bt.com/bbs/index.php
Developer Space: http://www.167bt.com/bbs/space.php?uid=5

Download Ads Free:
bsv3.3.2.132.EN-NoAds.exe (1.98 MB)
Mirror - Mirror - Mirror

Traditional Design Ads Free:
BitSpirit Ads Free
bsv3.3.2.132.EN-NoAds-TraditionalSplash.exe (2.12 MB)
Mirror - Mirror - Mirror

Latest Changes:
+ English IP2country nfo Database added
+ .manifest fixed to Bitspirit.exe
All Languages included!

MD5: 01102450a840487d1a9eca5dcdcccfcd
SHA1: 08be399de10f16e3977e19b16e5c2118ead49634
Size: 2,957,824

Download 3.60 MB: bsv3.3.2.132.EN-NoAds.7z -
Mirror - Mirror

Chinese Mod Version by HTF Tango is not fully Ads Free. It appears visual without Ads but the traces (Content and stats collection) to the Web server url's are still present and active in code and phone the information out. Test with set the read only attribut by the .txt files in \config (bsspecial.txt, bsupdate.txt,..) folder to read write permission!
Check by self with in/outgoing connection logger wireshark etc... Here Tango Mod by HTF:


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