08 April 2008

Thunder Ayu - No Ads (2008.04.07)

Thunder v5.7.5.435Thunderbolt use Multiprotocol P2P resources based on grid principle, exist on the network server and computer resources for the effective integration of a unique Thunderbolt client in the network. HTTP downloads also from the Internet are also integrated.

Xunlei Thunder v5.7.9.472 Ayu No Ads (2008.04.07)

Thunderbolt (2008.04.07)
* 466 version with IE7 solution right "in the new tab to open" function conflict

Thunderbolt (2008.03.26)
* Installation community can not solve the coverage problem Login

Thunderbolt (2008.03.24)
* Support Forum annex more downloads
* Optimization of the Thunderbolt look at the quality of on-demand
* Optimize the scheduling edge below Sowing
* Add some of the FLV video download site detection
* Amended the document to open certain types of BT seeds may lead to the collapse of BUG

Download: Thunder.v5.7.9.472.NoAD-Ayu.exe
Mirror Medifire: Thunder.v5.7.9.472.NoAD-Ayu.zip (5.99 MB) - Mirror

Direct Download: http://www.fileden.com/files/...Thunder.v5.7.9.472.NoAD-Ayu.zip

Skydrive: Thunder.v5.7.9.472.NoAD-Ayu.zip

md5 (Thunder.v5.7.9.472.NoAD-Ayu.exe) = 869c52328223cba5862f3d5c03d24e5a

AYU's Blog: http://ayuxnet.spaces.live.com/
BBS: http://www.cannian.com/bbs/thread.php?fid=7 - http://www.cannian.com/bbs/read.php?tid=4934

hotlink: http://9u9afw.bay.livefilestore.com/y1pQHyI-bP7aF7dqDNcsXpll5DQAvNgm_AFKi7qmQx9m2tXqWONt6rgaXzOepjtTDp1hD_c8nzrjSpkD6WrvhW1wg/Thunder.v5.7.9.472.NoAD-Ayu.zip?download )

Shared Folder (all Builds):

Thunder + streamlined version of the green to advertising
Download: http://down.sandai.net/Thunder5.7.9.472.exe

English FAQ & Language Pack:
I am using Xunlei English Translation
Language Pack English (All Credits to Malaysia)


Anonymous said...

Download the english language pack here ...

upload to:http://www.ziddu.com/download.php?uid=bqyemZSnaqyhmpyttqyZlJyiaK6WlZan8

Enjoy Xunlei .. : )

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