09 April 2008

eMule v0.48a Wikinger-Mod v2.4 by Ekliptor

eMule v0.48a Wikinger-Mod v2.4
Changelog eMule v0.48a Wikinger-Mod v2.4:
March, 3. 2007

- fixed bug with Super Source Finder remaining time counter in some cases
- fixed possible crash

- minor style fix on community list
- Turkish translation [tr-dizi]

Applejuice Mod Settings

Forum: http://www.futuremods.org/forum/forumdisplay.php?f=265
h t t p : / / a p p l e j u i c e . f u t u r e m o d s . d e

Download: Emule v0.48A Wikinger-Mod v2.4 Bin.zip
older Version: eMule.v0.48a.Wikinger-Mod.v2.3.bin.zip
Special: eMule.v0.48a.Applejuice.v2.3.2.Beta1.bin (incl. ClientInfos.dll.new v1.4 by Ekliptor)


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