22 April 2008

eMule v0.48a-XdP v1.4 Release Version Final


add Fake eChanblard (umek)
add new CreditSystem (based on LoveLace) (umek)
add Detect Spammers (umek)
add friend visualization (Xman))
add display the obfuscation icon for all clients which enabled it (Xman)
add Detect eMCrypt Clients (Xman)
add some more Filters to Upload Management (umek)
add some Kad Optimizations (netfintiy)
add some new Icons (umek)
add Icon for Leecher (umek)
add Reconnect to kad after connection error (?)
add Automatic shared Files Updater (Monki)
add Fix CleanUpClientList (Xanatos)
add BlockTime after Drop "1 - 6 hours" (umek)
add Switch for Log AutoHL (umek)
add Switch for Log SLS (umek)
add "skip sources which require obfuscation" @ SLS Feature
add AutoHL Settings to -XdP- Stats (umek)
add HighresTimer to -XdP- Stats (umek)
add BlockTime after Drop to -XdP- Stats (umek)
add Stats splitter Fix (Tk4)
add some Maella Improvements (sockets/Listensocket) (MaeLLa)
add dynamic IP-Filters (Xman)
add filter clients with failed downloads (Xman)
add FileFaker Ban (Stulle/Xman)
add some LoopImprovements @ ClientList (Wizard)
add some new NickAddons to NickAddon-Thief (umek)
add Optimizations @ Uploadclient.cpp (MaeLLa)
add CleanUp and blocktime optimizations @ DeadSourceList.cpp (Xman)
remove old official CreditSystem (umek)
remove XdP's AnTi ShaPe (not used for new CreditSystem) (umek)
remove retry failed TCP connection atempts (Xman)
remove some useless code (umek)
remove MobileMule (umek)
remove some old Icons/Strings from emule.rc/res (umek)
remove sivka's Loop Improvement @ UploadBandwidthThrottler
change some LogLines (umek)
change Emulate Other Feature (umek)
change SLS - "Save only useful sources"
change SLS Logline's now @ -XdP- Log (umek)
change some default settings (umek)
change the TreeControl from -XdP- PPG...+ the Expand Feature (umek)
change Feature "remove client + add him to ipfilter.dat" adapted to dynamic IP-filters (umek)
fix a bug @ NickAddon-Thief (umek)
fix Client Emulation + Update (umek)
fix a bug @ Corruption Blackbox
fix a bug in kademliaUdPListener
fix 2 little Bugs @ Treecontrol from -XdP- PPG (umek)
fix a Bug @ preferences.cpp (umek)
fix a Bug @ DeadSourceList (Xman)
fix a Bug @ Partfile (Improvement) (umek)
update Better PassiveSourceFinding to X-Ray Codebase v1.3 (X-Ray)
update FixConnectionCollosion to MorphXT Codebase... (MorphXT)
update SourceCache + Fix taken from StulleMule... (Stulle)
optimize Block LowID-Clients (umek)
optimize code from NickAdDon-ThieF (umek)
optimize extended UpkicK (umek)
optimize Variable Compression (netfinity)
rework FakeRank (now we send only Fakerank's to blocked Clients) (umek)
rework the Reask Management (umek)
rework some things @ Uploadqueue... (umek)
rework of AntiLeecher-System + Update Strings/Nicktags (umek) (Soft Leecher now only blocked,some more checks and Leecherblocking are disabled @ Share Off....otherwise its useless Wink)
adapted BlockTime after Drop to SLS Feature (umek)

many other changes
....no time to write it all down
....Very Happy


Password: go to Fixdown ( http://www.fixdown.com/english/Safe/Safe_3.htm ...etc...), download password toolkit recovery software (LostPassword Passware Kit v8.3 Enterprise, Advanced Archive Password Recovery Pro v4.0...), bruthforce the 7z archive. I don't have the password, sorry seen it late that the archive is password protect.


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