19 April 2008

UNI-Leech universal toolkit

Version: preview

Mit diesem Tool könnt ihr jedem beliebigen Client Leechermod Fähigkeiten verleihen. Möglich ist unter anderem:

User Agent Faken incl. faken der Peerid
Port faken auf dem der Client horcht
Manipulieren aller wichtigen announce Daten
Blocken verschiedener Tracker Requests
Automatisches stoppen nachdem Peerliste empfangen wurde (man erscheint nicht lange in der Peerliste)

Beispiel für schwarzleechen:
Block infos -> leech stats
Send stopped after started
Block event -> periodical status
Block event -> stopped
Block event -> completed

Und schon kann man auf einem Tracker saugen ohne das man in irgend welchen Listen erscheint. Durch das sofortige stoppen nach dem Start und den Fakeport ist es auch nicht möglich das andere von einem selbst laden

Programm starten
Gewünschte Einstellungen tätigen
"Apply" anklicken
"Start" anklicken

Das Tool wird als Proxy zwischen Client und Tracker geschaltet. Dazu muss im Client lediglich die Verbindung über einen Proxy aktiviert werden. Dies darf allerdings nur für die Requests an den Tracker aktiviert sein. Beispiel in µTorrent:

Setup as "Torrent Proxy" (local Proxy) Port variable as set in the Gui (shown: 8008) in your BitTorrent Client Connection Config!

Es handelt sich hierbei um eine Vorabversion, es fehlen z.B. noch einige Funktionen die Fehler abfangen. Es kann daher eventuell zu Programmabstürzen kommen.
Die Requests sind auch noch etwas langsam, ich arbeite daran das in der nächsten Version zu beschleunigen.

Weiterer Hinweis
Der Webebanner der drin war ist heraus gesprungen, schliesslich ist es kein Display my sexy banner Programmchen dafur ist ein kleines Icon hinzu gekommen. Nix grosses was das Program ueber die paar kb treibt.


Lasst euch nicht irretieren dort unten ist kein Werbe Banner mehr um so sehr nützlicher ist es!.

Homepage: http://forum.00de.de/uni-leech-universal-toolkit-54798.php

Download Ads Free (12.87 KB): UNI leech - Mirror - Mirror

Exe only rewritten pe 2nd: UNI-Leech-No-Ads.exe (size opt. 32.50 KB) - UNI-Leech-No-Ads.exe

Later Version 1.2.0:
UNI leech (30.85 KB)


Anonymous said...

That is a very good tool you can change so many things. But it's not from 00de. The Homboardurl is www.sb-innovation.de

Anonymous said...

This Blog Site is Ads Free! We do not support Advertising in any form. If we found Software with embedded Ads displaying we will always remove it for the site visitors. Support the site with Ads Free Tools only or we remove them from the soft.

Anonymous said...

New Homepage:

If these links shouldn't work, try one of these :
http://tinyurl.com/27dzdn (tuts4you)
http://tinyurl.com/r89zq (SnD Filez)
http://tinyurl.com/l6srv (cgame at fixdown)

A resume of what the different parts are about :
01. Olly + assembler + patching a basic reverseme
02. Keyfiling the reverseme + assembler
03. Basic nag removal + header problems
04. Basic + aesthetic patching
05. Comparing on changes in cond jumps, animate over/in, breakpoints
06. "The plain stupid patching method", searching for textstrings
07. Intermediate level patching, Kanal in PEiD
08. Debugging with W32Dasm, RVA, VA and offset, using LordPE as a hexeditor
09. Explaining the Visual Basic concept, introduction to SmartCheck and configuration
10. Continued reversing techniques in VB, use of decompilers and a basic anti-anti-trick
11. Intermediate patching using Olly's "pane window"
12. Guiding a program by multiple patching.
13. The use of API's in software, avoiding doublechecking tricks
14. More difficult schemes and an introduction to inline patching
15. How to study behaviour in the code, continued inlining using a pointer
16. Reversing using resources
17. Insights and practice in basic (self)keygenning
18. Diversion code, encryption/decryption, selfmodifying code and polymorphism
19. Debugger detected and anti-anti-techniques
20. Packers and protectors : an introduction
21. Imports rebuilding
22. API Redirection
23. Stolen bytes
24. Patching at runtime using loaders
25. Continued patching at runtime & unpacking armadillo standard protection
26. Machine specific loaders, unpacking & debugging armadillo
27. tElock + advanced patching
28. Bypassing & killing server checks
29. Killing & inlining a more difficult server check
30. SFX, Run Trace & more advanced string searching
31. Delphi in Olly & DeDe
32. Author tricks, HIEW & approaches in inline patching
33. The FPU, integrity checks & loader versus patcher
34. Reversing techniques in packed soft & A S&R loader for aspr
35. Inlining inside polymorphic code
36. Keygenning
37. An indept unpacking & anti-anti-debugging in a combined packer/protector
38. Unpacking continued & debugger detection by DLL's and TLS
39. Inlining a blowfish scheme in a packed & CRC protected dll + unpacking Asprotect SKE 2.2
40. Obfuscation & Algo Hiding

2. .Net PE File Format Library
3. Reverse .Net Software

Anonymous said...

Thermida toxicated VersionS:

UnpaCk me's:


uni-leech 0-1-2-0.rar

Backup Registry b4 executing or clean Oceans RegKey's

Anonymous said...


for a revers study themida is a really good target




Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Gone in (5x) Sixty Seconds

Robert Neumann, Virusbuster Ltd., Hungary

As the numper of packed malware is increasing daily, it is more and more important for one to be able to process it as quickly as possible. The tools are out there for the task, but often it's a tough decision what to use and how to use. In this presentation I will cover the basic principles of unpacking a known or yet unknown packed malware sample. The goal is to demonstrate that - almost - everything (be it as simple as Upack or as complicated as Themida) can be unpacked in 5 minutes if we choose the right approach.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

The ones over 1MB size is a Virus inside

Anonymous said...

Hi there,

i am the author of this tool.
I can't say anithing against tha fact that you removed the advertising.

But please let the author comment in there.

Because of thet the newest versions will not be public until i find an good solution which maybe contains an removement of the advertising.

Anonymous said...

Its Freeware or category Adware?

Anonymous said...

entry in windows host file block the ads url/ip permanent without changes in program.

Anonymous said...

What mean solution of remove Advertising? Just keep the work clean, thats all you have to do

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