15 April 2008

eMule v0.48a HighTime v3

eMule 0.48a HighTime v3
HighTime Board Mod (based on ZZULtimativ-R V1.7) 22/03/2008

- removed New ToolTips from sharedfileswindow for now caused crash
- removed AntiModThief
- removed AntiCreditHack
- removed SNAFU
- removed SkinSupport
- removed old Toolbarcode
- removed Proxycode
- removed Random Modstring

+ Official ratio Code & Official USS Code
+ ShareFile: SmartUnshare[CB Mod]
+ UpdateItemThread[MORPH]
+ Source Exchange Call Back [?] from killerbean
+ Optimization requpfile[SiRoB]
+ reqBlocksClipping[SLUGFILLER]
* changed some things in stats
* LeecherProtection and Clientanalyzer Nick-/Mod-Thief modified now they are no longer marked as Groups
+ KhaosLugdunumCredits
+ ManualSourceRequest[Xanatos]
+ NeoMenuXP[Xanatos]
+ advanced official prefs[Morph]
+ No HideOS for friends
+ Recognize eDonkey hybrid op-codes[netfinity]
+ Recognize MlDonkey XS Answer [Stulle/Spike2/ideas by Wiz]
+ Show Virtual Sources[Morph]
+ Advanced AutoUpPriority[XMan]
+ Close Backdoor v2[XMan/Maella]
+ uploading problem client[XMan]
+ seeOnuploadqueue[XMan]
+ ExtendedUdpCache[Xanatos]
+ askfordownload priority[Xman]
+ filter clients with failed downloads[Xman]
+ Optional Deadlist[pP]
+ Optimation uint16 is not enough[Morph]
+ fix for startupload[XMan]
+ fix for startupload downloading side[XMan]
+ Downloading Chunk Detail Display[Morph]
+ count requested blocks on this file[pP]
+ FunnyNick[taz]
+ some code from beba easteredition to color the window
+ ModIconMapper[Wizard]
+ ClientAnalyzer[Wizard]
+ ClientAnalyzer Column in Queuelist from R-Mod[pP]
+ SharedView Ed2kType [Wizard/Avi3k]
+ Respect Softlimit[Wizard]
+ Tabbed Preferences[shadow2004]
+ Some Prefpages taken from NextEMF
+ Fakealyzer[netFinity]
+ some LoopImprovements[JVA]
+ QueueSizeFix[WiZaRd]
+ Fix unfair Client threatment[WiZaRd]
+ Webinterface Ban Fix[WiZaRd]
+ New Tooltips[Xanatos]
+ Slidebar[eplus]
+ HighTime Toolbar & Splashscreen
+ Toolbar codes from eMulefuture-Mod
+ Some Fixes & Improvements[morph4u/Wizard/XMan/mL]

Homepage: http://www.ultimativ-board.com/wbb2/
eMule v.0.48a hightime v.3 test10.rar
Free Premium Download DDL: http://premium.fileden.com/premium/2007/7/24/1292909/eMule.0.48a.Hightime.v3.test10.7z
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