01 April 2008

eMule 0.48a eLeCteC LiTe 0WN3D v1.3

add ZeRo UploaD + Addon for FakeRank (umek)
add Random Modstring (Nightsky10)
add FakeRank (Nightsky10/changes by umek)
add Upload Management (umek)
add NickAdDon-ThieF (umek)
add Kad-Boost (umek)
add NoShare Incoming (umek)
add unlimited Searchresults (umek)
add AuthSystem (NightSky10)
add Crytical Packet Fix (Xanatos)
add FixConnectionCollision (Sirob)
add some code SaveCPU (WiZard)
add StatFix (WiZard)
add SLS (Xtreme/Xman)
add show LowID's (Xman)
add CorruptionBlackboxFix (NeoMule/Xanatos)
add XSInconsistencyFix (NeoMule/Xanatos)
add UDP-Reask Security Check
add Don't send empty Dir's (WiZard)
add ThreadSafe Fix (WiZard)
add Better passive Source finding (Xtreme/Xman)
add RQR
add QRDiff (Avi3k)
add Kad-Directory Fix (goodlough?)
add ModID (SlugFiller)
add OwnCredits
add ModName (itsonlyme/changes by umek)
add SoftwareColumn (umek)
add ObfuscationFix (WiZard)
add eLeCteC LiTe-Stats (umek)
add Fix unsynchronized paths CClientReqSocket (fafner)
add Shared Files-Updater (Monki)
add No sending of ShardFilelist to Server (umek)
add ClientPercentage
add some CrashFixes (WiZ,Xman)
add Find best Sources (Xman/Xtreme)
add filter out unreachable LowID-Sources
add filter Sources we can't connect to
add Fix Filtered Block Request (Xman)
add Optimizations @ Partfile (WiZ)
add some Vista Stuff (Morph?)
add Emulate Other (WiZ,Spike2)
add ECR (Spike2)
add Fast Reask Donkey's
add unlimited Friendslots (umek)
add Kick & Ban (umek)
add Drop Sources manual (all)
add Drop Sources manual (File)
add Friendhandling in all Lists (Xman)
add remove all Friendslots (under Friendhandling)
add some Optimizations/Fixes @ Listensocket
add Download in Bold (umek)
add Download in Color (umek)
changed some Icons (umek)
changed Queuesize (umek)
changed Filebuffersize (umek)
changed Reask (umek)
changes @ ClientCredits (umek)
remove Ratio (umek)
remove IRC (umek)
remove Help (umek)
remove Scheduler (umek)
remove MobileMule (umek)
remove VersionsCheck (umek)
remove SplashScreen (umek)
remove Wizard (umek)
remove TexttoSpeech (umek)
remove SendMail (umek)
remove WebInterface (umek)
updated Spammessages (umek)
some other Changes/Fixes/Improvements...

Homepage: http://fuck-seba14.blog.com/
Download: eLeCteC_LiTe-0WN3D_v1.3.rar


Anonymous said...

New v1.4 final is out. If someone can get it, please post it here, me and my friends will try to make next 0WN3D for all.

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