19 June 2008

eMule 0.46a RIP v0.1

eMule v0.46a ED2K RIP0.1
Changelog v0.1

[Add] Credit System [Spe64 from Antares]
[Change] Splashscreen [Spe64]
[Improved] Values Buffer max to 9.50Mo [Spe64]
[Add] Button to ED2K RIP and Spe64/Hardstyle board [Spe64]
[Add] Family Filter [Spe64 from Enos]
[Add] Save Load Sources [Spe64 from Nextevolution]
[Add] Automatic Friend Slot [Spe64 from NextEvolution]
[Add] Boost Friend [Spe64 from NextEvolution]
[Add] Ip Filter [Spe64 from Morph]
[Add] Ip To Country [Spe64 from Iberica]
[Add] Fakecheck [Spe64 from Morph]
[Add] Winsock 2 [Spe64]
[Add] Optmizer [Spe64]

Merged on Emule 0.46a NewMagicSeb v1.1 by Miles(Pastagua and NewMagicSeb dev) [Spe64]:
-REPLACE :Dynamic Block Requests BY Dazzle's Faster Endgame
-ADD: relax on startup
-ADD : Incompleted Files in shareFileList in Red
-FIX :French language and Icone
-REMOVE :filled-0
-ADD :download in bold

Based on Emule 0.45b VipeR 2.2 by Telperion(Viper's dev):
-[Add]:Disable Slot Focus
-[Add]:Slot control
-[Add]:Direct Upload
-[Add]:Quick Start
-[Add]:Super release
-[Add]:Control SLot [Miles] avec possibilité de le désactiver
-[Add]:Pay back First
-[Add]:AntiNickThief V2
-Add: Push Small files
-Add: Push Rare Files
-ADD:Updated Bad MODSTRING list [SiRoB]
-ADD: Anti mod Faker

[http://ed2krip.forumactif.com/] Votre pseudo ici

Not one of the "latest" eMule mod versions but comes with nice Toolbars Graphics:
Simpsons eMule skin, 80 Toolbars & More, eMulix skin,...

BIN: eMule 0.46a ED2K RIP v0.1 bin + Simpsons eMule skin +80 Toolbars & More.rar
SRC: eMule 0.46a ED2K RIP v0.1 src.rar

eMule 0.46a NewMagicSeb 1.1

REPLACE:Dynamic Block Requests BY Dazzle's Faster Endgame
ADD :relax on startup
ADD :Incompleted Files in shareFileList in Red
Fix :French language and Icone
REMOVE :filled-0
ADD :download in bold

eMule 0.46a NewMagicSeb 1.0 Ported To 0.46a
3a :
- Ported to 0.45a (Base : Magic Lite 2)
- Fixed a bug in copy feedback : Now you can make multiple feedbacks
- Updated anti leech
Ported to 0.45b

- Powershare (Morph Based)
- HideOS/SpreadBars
- Intelligent Chunk Selection
- Share Only The Need
- Slot Focus
- Copy Feedbacks
- Download in blue
- Anti Leech
- Community visualization (no boost)

Download: 0.46a_NewMagicSeb_1.1_bin.rar 1.36 MB


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nice find, thanks

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