30 June 2008

eMule 0.48a Mephisto v1.1 Leecher Optimized

eMule 0.48a Mephisto v1.1 Leecher Optimized
eMule v0.48a [Mephisto v1.1] Leecher - based on eMule 0.48a Xtreme

ModIcons resized / color depht optimizated, unused or internal resized icons sorted in emule.exe
ModIcon Client Gui ICONS
The Program is without oversized Icons in a ordinary emule.exe size of 5,73 MB (6.012.928 bytes) under 6 MB! Original 6,44 MB (6.758.400 bytes)

More than 700kb is a lot of size by programs below 7 MB!
I guess the icon chaos is a glitch in some eMule Mods.

It will use less resources if the "overweight" is away which bloated the emule up.
Changelog the same as this link here

Client Mod Icons resized to 16x16 from 48x48 and other mixed sizes.
8, 16, 32 bit color Icons should be enough for all environment.
24bit depth will use 16

Splash BMP optimized (if it will be in jpg: minus 50k - 70k), all JPG's optimized = ~ 250 kb

Other Icons in Options fit to 16x16 such as RELEASEBONUS.ico in 8bit (256 colors) 16 x 16

emule.exe size: 5,73 MB (6.012.928 bytes)
File Hashes:
MD5: fd0d87ab2124e58f212262aabb3b55af
SHA-1: bb1e66822772924c1154b5f8a9ace85053cc050f

Messages and Comments Menu resize

Full Screen Screenshot: click here

Download: emule_v0.48a_mephisto_v1.1_leecher.rar 1.88 MB | Mirror


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