16 June 2008

eMule 0.49a ZZ-R V1.1 NEO


ZZ-R with Releaser Mod Settings

ZZ-R V1.1 (eMule 0.49a)

+ Merged to 0.49a
+ New Splash
+ New Sidebanner
+ Modeless Dialogs
+ OldStyle Statistic (switchable)
+ Power-Share graph in statistic
+ Some changes in Options Windows/menus
+ Changed Push Finished Files (1-50)
+ Changed Push Part Files (1-50)
+ Changed Push Rare Files (4-50)
+ Push Small Files (1024-18432 kb)
+ Push Files by Ratio (2-50)
+ Reask Time Tweaks (File/KAD/Server/UDP/XS)
+ Variable IPFilter BanTime
+ Manual KAD reask
+ Fix for statistic values
+ Fix for sort country names
+ Fix for sort remaining size
+ Fix auto friendslot
+ Other little fixes
+ German language file updated

- Some things changed or removed because 0.49

!!! cleaninstall important !!!

Homepage: http://www.rsvcd-forum.de/rsfo/index.php

NEW Download (forgot folder: webserver, lang and skins in the old link): eMule.0.49a.ZZ-R.V1.1 NEO.rar 9.90 MB
when rar it new, it give out size: 3,6 MB: DDL here
ed2k link:
eMule.0.49a.ZZ-R.V1.1 NEO.rar


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