12 June 2008

Safari 4.0 Developer Preview for Windows

With the convening of WWDC2008 Apple announced a new generation of Safari 4. Developer Preview of the early development version many still not be perfect, some Bug contain its more Safari 3, is worth looking forward to the many new features.
First of all that can directly see the changes. In Safari 4, the effect of rendering is better than before, but it can choose to use Windows standard way to display the page rendering. Who complained that under the Safari text displayed as a Mexican corporation can Jing Jing has a bar and secondly it also added a very interesting Web applications, web pages to EXE files in the form of preservation. Run the EXE, that is, Launched a abbreviated version of the Safari and display the page. However, the feature is currently appear to have no practical use, because this generation of EXE, not only needs the support of ontology Safari the page is embedded through on-line Displayed. Just imagine the future may have to change it. Finally, Safari really have the memory occupied by the fall really hope that it can, as the price of 3G iPhone as a surprise people.
In addition to the above Safari procedure itself also has no small change in before, Windows version of the language there are two major documents, some of the dll the inside, while others in the plain text of the strings inside. This dll file, in the early Safari Version is particularly important in that it contains not only the software interface of the dialog, menus and string, also incorporates a lot of pictures, icons, and even Safari's skin. With the updated version, which were put into a different language of the document Folder, and independent from the skin. This Safari 4, it will continue the dialog got out of resources, are made by each dialog HTML prepared, and also taking it almost all the strings, strings to merge , So that now the main work of dll only a menu of resources.
Mac account synchronization bookmark function, it seems that Apple really want to use MobileMe narrow the gap between Mac and PC. But unfortunately, the feature is currently Has not yet open. There is another point, Web Inspector also increasingly strong, oh, four browser has finally supporting the developer tool.

TU, said so much, in fact, Safari 4 of the new thing far more than these, the interest on the installation of friends to try it out. After all, Safari on Windows is a rising star (in fact, on a Mac is), let us look forward to it.

This preview release is English only. To avoid Safari displaying a hybrid UI when installing on a Mac with languages other than English, deselect other languages in "Safari Info" window displayed after selecting Safari in the Finder and choosing File > Get Info. On Mac Tiger ONLY: Safari 4 Developer Preview requires a previously installed version of Safari 3.1.1.

The UA string is on WinXP: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; en-US) AppleWebKit/526.11 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/4.0dp1 Safari/526.12.2


Safari4DevPrevWin.exe 23.97 MB
DDL1 - DDL2 - DDL3

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