21 June 2008

Bonjour dear site Visitors, Some site performance optimizations have been done....

From the hugh collection of terrific ~ 1MB page size almost the widgets are hammer weight elements in blog systems...

41 external Javascript files
11 external stylesheet
15 CSS background images

is to reduce...

- Main site (Front site posts from 10 -> 5 reduced)
- JavaScripts from ~50 to 10 reduced. 68.7kb less if there will be a way to reduce/remove 3444992414-widgets.js GoogleBlog system own scripts include!!!
urchinTracker (google-analytics.com/urchin.js) too, the size was simple to big (~22KB) and I guess many have blocked most of these website counters.
- snapshot feature script: shot.snap.com (java script + cookie)
- Some Pictures in size reduced vs. Quality.
- RSS Flash Reader from frontsite to About :) site placed
- 0rz.tw Short url redirected urls removed. The server seems to be slow in some continents
- Map Globe of visitors
- Search This Blog Google Widget (to many CSS defination overwrite attrib)http://www.google.com/uds/css/gsearch.css comes with lot stylesheet 2 CSS (~20 KB)
- widgets Technorati, a 27,6 KB hammer, removed
- many features Icons/Graphics etc.. removed
- Popori.us moved to > about site
- Comment Feed script to show comments on frontsite from feed

remains w/o a known solution how to reduce this:
- comments on frontsite: http://leechermods.blogspot.com/feeds/comments/default?alt=json-in-script&callback=showrecentcomments (shows from rss comment feed output comments left here on site) slow and big script
- Whats that: http://www.blogger.com/widgets/3444992414-widgets.js This script is by all blogger2 sites automaticaly added after close /body tag Size: 68.7 KB, the biggest element from all!
- The picture eMule face "not my stuff" transparent as png: ~31kb in gif it lost quality extreem (how to reduce the size?)
- Site navigation on button > next site etc.. show only post header, *Bug* should show content from posts. Solution how to fix???

Reboot computer after 12h and got http://d3.zedo.com/jsc/d3/ff2.html?n=790;s=371;c=416/1;d=16;w=1024;h=768
means, any offsite service widget (Global Stats Flash) / plugin have this script inside so that it show up when people visit sites where the Widget is installed...

some more have been removed/optimizated to:


Total loading time: 7.1 seconds
Total objects: 125 (520.8 KB)
with External objects: 124 (370.3 KB)
(X)HTML: 4 (152.4KB) / template need finetuning
CSS: 4 (3.9KB)
Scripts: 8 (76KB) / 2 more can reduce, comment on frontsite I will place it back using low weight flash or other rss reader widget to show comment feed on front
Images: 109 (288.4KB) / more optimization follow by the permanent site pictures, future post content screenshots will be optimized
Plugins: 0
Other: 0 (0KB)
Redirected: 3 (Translator Live, Country Visitor Flag, SiteLogo url shorten)

Every suggestion to make it faster, how to fix the next page navigation to show full page content not only the post header topic names or improve are very welcome!

Many thanks

Soon LeecherMods V2 :)


Recon said...

RNiK, thank you very much
I work on it, not sure how good I can "tune"/"tweak" the site. Blogger system have many scripts fixed included.

Thanks for help

RNiK said...

I'm glad to has been helpful.

Your site rock! Keep working on it!

Anonymous said...

2 Megabyte sites >-:-< B00MB astic
No good sample for weblog:

Total objects: 131 (1670.8 KB)


Total objects: 104 (2182.2 KB)
ohm goodness:


121.2 Kb in only one script: wp-includes/js/prototype.js?ver=1.6121.2

finito driven the sites broken

Thats why no download links there -:)) Neez forum to cover server load for linki.

Screenshots logo need good adjustment by store no bigger as 30 - 40 kb

Recon said...

another - 120 to 160 kb is posible I think...

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