13 June 2008

Some news

After I figure out that my wifes brother must pay per 1mb download, I came to the decition to reconstruct this blog more light weight. Javascript remove and some graphics to make the page load faster. Bildhoster.de seems to be unter maintainance cause many pictures here are away, gone, hope they not lost.

The idea to make the page design not black but more white, maybe I re design it using light blue or any not darken colors. A new template will be done soon and replace the old design. Thanks for the hint.

About P2P
Just wonder why most countries with highspeed using no upload. I dont know what is the reassion there. If can share please share. Leecher mods doesnt mean that they can not share, some of them work very great with a high upload speed. Others such as Applejuice mods doesn't work well if the other one use not an AJ mod* (must be some kind of infection virus to force others using the same mod -: ).

* eMule.v0.49a.Wikinger-Mod.v3.0.bin.zip; eMule.v0.49a.SunPower-Mod.v3.0.bin.zip; eMule.v0.49a.ROCKFORCE.Mod.v2.0.bin.zip; eMule.v0.49a.GPS2Crew.Mod.v2.0.bin.zip; emule 0.49a Razorback v5.01, eMule v0.49a Titandonkey v5.01, eMule v0.49a RC-Atlantis v2.0, eMule 0.48a Applejuice, eMule HyperTraxx, eMule EPB-Mod, eMule RSVCD-Crew Mod, eMule Fireball, (eMule TLN Booster excluded in newer Versions 0.49a).
discussion about AJ Mods in German click here

Special Thanks

to all the countries we get the most traffic in:
Mozambique, Cuba, Israel, Malaysia, Pakistan, South Africa, Iran, Algeria, Italy, Turkey, Egypt, Indonesia, India, Poland, Spain, Russia, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, United States, Germany, France, China, United Kingdom


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