13 February 2011

10x Net Transport Licenses for 1 Year Multidownload Manager for our readers to win

Xi Software Corporation sponsor us 10 Licenses for Net Transport also called NetTransport or NetXfer include one year free updates

Net Transport speed up downloading files, video and audio streams in up to 10 pieces per file parallel at once with resuming as well as from 1click file hosters such as Rapidshare. It is one of the best and most advanced download manager today.

With DM-Bridge we tested successfully the integration into the latest Chromium 11.0.670.0 (Developer Build 74741).

Opera is optional supported with the Net Transport Opera Plug-in. Internet Explorer integration is supported by default as well a clipboard monitor (click link copy to clipboard takes over to Net Transport).

Firefox integration can be realized with FlashGot or similar other addons. We tested this in combination with latest Firefox (Minefield) 4.0b12pre by downloading from different Fileshare hostern successfully:

A integrated Bittorrent Client and an internal eMule for P2P Filesharing up/downloading with UPnP, magnet URI's, next to recording embedded web multimedia content, custom download referrers (User-Agent), IPv6 and Proxy support are just a few of countless product highlights.
Net Transport comes with a second program, a full featured FTP client program "FTP Transport".

Net Transport is multilingual in 33 Languages available in 32 bit and 64bit!

Supported OS: Windows x86 (XP/2000/2003/Vista/2008/Win7), Windows x64 (XP/2003/Vista/2008/Win7)

Visit for more Infos:
Net Transport Homepage: http://www.xi-soft.com/default.htm
Program Download and Changelog: http://www.xi-soft.com/download.htm

Xi Software gives us 10 Licenses of Net Transport to readers of our site for this contest.

All you have to do to win one of 10 Licenses is:
Join this site and share this article with your friends in the internet using Twitter, Facebook or other Social Services.

Write a comment and tell us when you been the first time in your life online in Internet (year) and with which connection speed is was (14.4 k modem, 33.6k modem, ISDN, DSL 128kb/s, etc.)
For example:
I was the first time sometime between 1991-1992 with T-Online 14.4k modem online.

From all comments I will select 10 winners randomly out before 01. March 2011.
Meanwhile you may test Net Transport in latest Version v2.96a.581 for 30 Days free of charge.

We would like to thank Xi to sponsor us this GiveAway.


Jay said...

Awesome download manager to speed up my file downloads. Just what I need. Thanks.


Jay said...

First time online in 1994 using internal Aztech Modem up to 56K speed.

akasa.blog said...

thank you xi-softand and leechermods for this great gift.
I'd love the use it, count me in.
My first connection was in early June 1992 in a cyber cafe with a 56k modem
shared on:
my tweet:
& facebook:

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