27 February 2011

Get 4shared Premium fileshare hosting for free

Dear readers,

Still looking for that hosted solution? - then this might be something for you, a solution which provides 10GB for "FREE" with fair terms.

4shared is a hosted solution for easy management and accessibility for your files, a file share hosting service that provides many different solutions.

• Desktop application access
• Easy manageable web interface
• Access via WebDAV

The 4shared desktop is similar to the familiar Windows Explorer and allows easy handling of the online files. One can move, copy, rename, paste a file or directory, create a sub-domain and can even see a live preview on most multimedia file formats. Multiple files can be selected at once and downloaded as a zip file or create an archive but it will only support one stream. Upload and download from 4shared desktop application is achieved by using multiple connections for each file, so the speed increases dramatically. Premium users can share direct download links, which is a very welcome feature for the downloader, and benefit from downloading without waiting time from the appropriate file download page. On the other hand, using the download page, you can get feedbacks from the downloaders in form of comments and file rating that can be posted there if you allow this function. Another cool feature is sharing on social sites. Once a new file have been released it can be automatically shared on Twitter, Facebook and Co. so that friends remain up to date. 4shared Desktop supports drag 'n drop and the use of proxies. Also, you can create a list of favorites. A trash can function in case that one has accidentally deleted something and wants to undo is included. An infinite number of sub-folders to gain a clear directory structure can be created. The user interface is clearly designed, similar to the online version. Uploads and downloads with detailed information about the path and time history gives you a helpful overview. Subscribing through RSS feeds to each directory is also supported. This is especially cool if you have uploaded pictures to see them in the feed as thumbnails. Furthermore, embedding a download folder in a web page, creating widgets, embed SWF, video and audio can be easily done with the given html and bb codes. Online zip and unzip are other highlights of 4shared. The program, as well as the online version, is currently available in 16 languages. After a brief settling-in period one becomes quickly familiar with all the features that the application offers.

You can with WebDAV easily mount your 4shared account as a drive on your computer (how to read here) or using NetDrive:

If you experience problems on Windows 7 by mounting the WebDrive, save the following lines as patch.bat and run:
Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


Alternatively 4shared offers mobile solutions of which you can access all files from your account via your cell phone, iPhone or BlackBerry.

Creating an account is absolutely free and very simple to set up and you will be hosting all your files in no time, once logged in you have the option of changing settings for activity, privacy and edit permissions for your account.

Benefits with 4shared:
• Sign up process is completely free and simple.
• Your files will be hosted on high-speed servers.
• Multi-threaded transfers for rapid upload, downloads.
• Easy to use file manager, wich works just like explorer.
• Keep your files in sync from local PC's and online account.

Allowed File types:
• document file (*.doc, *.txt, *.pdf, *.rtf, *.xls)
• music file (*.mp3, *.ogg, *.wav, *.mid)
• video file (*.avi, *.mpg, *.mpeg)
• image file (*.jpg, *.gif, *.bmp, *.png)
• zip file (*.zip, *.rar, *.arj)

Share your activity?
With 4shared, you can share your activities such as uploads, downloads, comments and rating with your friends at Twitter, Facebook and Orkut.

4shared's space limit is 10 GB per free account and you may upload as many files as you like, the file size limitation is 200 MB per file but you can split files into parts using their multi-upload feature. To increase the file size limitation you would have to upgrade to their premium plan. In Premium mode the maximum upload size is 6000 MB. Remote upload from url's is also possible with 4shared. The servers are fast and good accessible from anywhere. We reach constant full line speed by uploading files multi threaded using 4shared Desktop. It really makes a lot of fun to upload and download quickly on 4shared.

Our sponsor 4shared has given us 1x 12, 2x 3 and 5x 1 months of Premium Accounts for a giveaway.

How you can get one of these premium accounts for free:

1. Follow us and share this article on Twitter, Facebook, Digg or other social networking.
2. Join our community with FriendConnect and subscribe to our Newsfeed.
3. Leave a meaningful comment.

Under all comments we will select random the winners on 2nd April 2011.


Delbep said...

Soy usuario Premium. Estoy decepcionado. Cuando he consultado me dijeron que las ofertas y actualizaciones las tendría en idioma espanol y eso no ha sucedido. Para mi es una pérdida de tiempo tener que utilizar un traductor de idiomas. Sigo esperando lo prometido.

Admin said...

Thank you all! The winners have been announced on: http://link.leechermods.com/4shared

Ralph Peters said...

I use 4shared to upload rehearsal file's for our band members to practice at home.....4shared is therefor the best internet app. for me!
Thank you dev. team!!


djlegion said...

4shared is just genius. Most website like it suck. 4shared is put together just right!

Steven Epstein said...

shared on facebook,follow on twitter ,joined via GFC,subscribe to emails,and 4shared rocks and you guys rock. welcome aboard

Warrens Leconte said...

nice page:)

kcalb said...

Já faz quase um ano que uso 4Shared e não penso em deixar de usá-lo.

Markdoom2004 said...

Sharing is caring !

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