17 February 2011

Get a Torrent Seedbox from Pulsed Media for free

Bittorrent seedbox

A seedbox offers lightning fast transfer speeds, upto 100 times faster upload speeds for torrents than with your typical home ADSL connection! Now it has become really easy to share even those big torrent files at the price of coffee and a cookie!

  • Upload and Download torrents at fast speeds!
  • Keep your torrents open, make your ratio skyrocket!
  • Surf the web anonymously by a web proxy installed on every server!
  • Amazing user interface for the most needed features!

10 Reasons Why You Need a seedbox

Pulsed Media offers to celebrate a very limited special. "Communal seedbox" for only 2.75€ per month. This seedbox offering is not planned for profit, but to give back to the community.

Pulsed Media simplified the usage of a Seedbox. With a new desktop application that allows direct access to the seedbox from your desktop. We tested pulsedBox in a beta version and were very impressed. Access to the seedbox from the web browser is therefore no longer necessary.
pulsedBox based on Adobe AIR and runs on any Windows system but should work also on Linux and MAC, everywhere Adobe AIR is supported. It installs quickly and requires no special knowledge to control the seedbox. Yet pulsedBox offers full access to all functions that a decent seedbox provider can offer its users.

Seedbox hosting by Pulsed Media is very fast. We reached from a 25mb/s internet access in eastern Europe permanent full line speed to them server. Also over some VPN Gateways around the globe 25mb/s was the average connection speed. The seedbox self reached a incredible speed of more than 90 Mbps.

Pulsed Media sponsor us 5 Seedbox accounts of them starter package for 3 months (value 5x 35.85€)

2009+ Starter details are:
Unlimited traffic, unlimited active Torrents.
70Gb HDD, 100Mbps server with 20Mbps Torrent speed.

All you have to do to get one Seedbox account for free is:

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Under all comments we will select random 5 winners on 27. March 2011 and announce it!


hooligan said...

post on
and link @email =)

ahmad alkhalaf said...


and follow u ... thanx :)

Anonymous said...

Posted to facebook: http://www.facebook.com/sharer.php?u=http://www.leechermods.com/2011/02/get-torrent-seedbox-from-pulsed-media.html%3Fspref%3Dfb&t=Get+a+Torrent+Seedbox+from+Pulsed+Media+for+free

Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/QueenBellazer/status/38397357389258752
and followed u


Anonymous said...

incredible items and gift you offer to your readers, I'd like to win an account, thank you for this opportunity
shared on facebook, twitter and googlebuzz.
subscribe by email and following you on twitter

MoFunk said...

Setup seems insanely slow. Bought 72h ago but have not heard a thing from them. Guess i'll have to dispute it with paypal.

Recon said...

Also, I'm still waiting. I suspect they are very busy.

Jay said...



Anonymous said...

It's weekend.
You should send a ticket rather than dispute, you know it might just be in middle of a bunch of preorders or something like that.

Datrice MentalOrgasm Collins said...

I won the seed box but still havent heard any thin from pulse media is anyone else having this issue???

Admin said...

Hello all

Pulsed Media wrote me 4 Days ago that they now checking up for the setup schedule. Please be patient!
Everyone will get his seedbox from the winners!

Paul said...

Seedboxes has made it possible for us to upload and download movies, music albums, picture galleries, loads of digital files within minutes.

Are great!

Admin said...

The accounts have been now delivered.

Except bhavya kamboj - I need your email address to forward to Pulsed Media ASAP! Left you a message via twitter


Pratik Talwar said...

http://www.facebook.com/pratik.talwar1thanx pulsed media....in advance

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