24 February 2011

eMule 0.50a XdP v5.2 Final

ADD : European Community V2 (umeK)*
ADD : FunnyNick (Sirob/xrmb/Stulle)
ADD : Upload only to eMule/aMule switchable (umeK)
CHANGE : Don't punish Friends on CA Detection methods (umeK)
CHANGE : No server ads (Tux)
CHANGE : changed /added links for nodes.dat,server.met & ipfilter.dat (umeK)
CHANGE : better mod defaults (umeK)
CHANGE : some changes/improvements on prefpages [grey out some options,rearrangement...] (umeK)
CHANGE : more infos to -XdP- Stats + small rearrangement and changed showing infos in some cases (umeK)
CHANGE : better Filefeedback [german,english,rearrangement,text in bold,show complete Sources...] (umeK)
CHANGE : changed kad filestoring (umeK)
IMPROVE : small changes on Kad-Boost (umeK)
IMPROVE : clientcleanup (umeK/few code from Xtreme)
IMPROVE : recode some parts of Share Permissions (umeK)
FIX : fixed a small Bug on Friend.cpp (umeK)
FIX : fixed a Memleak on WebServer.cpp (WiZaRd)
FIX : fixed counting file requests twice in some cases (WiZaRd)
FIX : fixed a rare Crash Bug on leecherhandling (umeK)
FIX : fixed IP-handling guilty for several problems (umeK)
REMOVE : old editable string based Community code (umeK)
REMOVE : multichunks for ps files (umeK)
ADD/CHANGE/REMOVE/FIX/IMPROVE : many other things around the mod (umeK)

*Changelog European Community v0.4:
ADD : adding a switch to disable community modus (umeK)
ADD : Community score & queue system (umeK)
ADD : Setable transfer difference for community members (umeK)
ADD : Setable Community chunks/Communityslot feature (umeK)
ADD : Counter on Transferwindow for community members (umeK)
ADD : Community visualization with Icon on all lists + ClientDialog (umeK)
ADD : Community logging (umeK)
ADD : send Real Modstring to community members (umeK)
CHANGE : Don't punish Community on CA Detection methods (umeK)
CHANGE : disable leeching,banning faking etc. for community members :-D (umeK)
CHANGE : grey out Community option on File permissions if community is disabled (umeK)
CHANGE : disable captcha check for community members (umeK)
CHANGE : check Ratio if community enabled (umeK)
IMPROVE : Drop System [No dropping/blocking of community members] (umeK)
IMPROVE : slot spread advantage for community members (umeK)
IMPROVE : overflow for community members if queuelimit reached (umeK)

This is a fresh new community and not compatible with older versions of the European community...
many thx to Hooligan for some ideas and Betateam for testing...


ed2k Download:


userxdp said...

Why you don't permit to receive Server Info welcome messages?
What a shame! How can I enable it? I thought it never happen with this mod, but it did...

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