07 February 2011

A.S.L released ExeInfo PE in Version

ExeInfo PE ver. by A.S.L ( c ) 2006.03 - 2011

freeware version for Windows XP

Windows 32 PE executable file checker, compilators, exe packers ....

with solve hint for unpack / internal exe tools / rippers

Sometimes it can be happen that you downloaded a file with a wrong file extension. For example an .avi as .zip without its packed or alike. This tool can identify a wide range of different file types, show how they are made, if exe packers are used and give you hints how to unpack them.

ExeInfo Pe can display an incredible variety of technical information about a file background.
Exeinfo can do much more then analyse for example extract embedded Graphics or Flash from an exe, search websites/urls inside an executable and so on.

ExeInfoPE shows if a file have a digital certificate and if the file is untouched the signature will show the digital certificate is ok.

It is great for analyzing false positive Virus alerts. Packed, compressed exe files have a high false positive rate. Exe packers if they are used to make files smaller such as MEW, FSG,... results in some AV's so called false positive. If you unpack these files, the false positive alerts will be gone.

The new version of ExeInfo PE supports custom program skins and the GUI can be switched to a bigger screen mode.

Homepage: www.exeinfo.xwp.pl

Download: http://www.box.net/shared/y58pzheb9i

Downloadexeinfope_0.0.2.9.zip (616.91 KB)

DDL: http://ExeInfoPE.4shared.com


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