10 February 2011

RoboForm 7.2.5 Download + 5x RoboForm 7 Pro Desktop licenses to GiveAway


Win one of 5 RoboForm Pro 7 Desktop Licenses.

Roboform is for me one of the programs I can not miss to have installed on the PC.
It is the best password manager to store all logins and passwords. Who could remember all the passwords and login data that you get together within the time.
A good password manager like Roboform is a must have tool on every PC.
Roboform supports all popular web browsers such as IE, Firefox and Chrome. Furthermore, unsupported Browsers can be extend with a bookmarklet for easy integration.

RoboFormRoboForm is the top rated, easy to use, secure password manager and form filler. It automatically remembers your passwords, logs you into websites, and fills long web forms, all with one-click.

Changes in Roboform Version 7.2.2:
* Chrome: speed up on pages with huge forms such as usairways.com.
* Chrome: fix Auto-Submit on pages such as jetblue.com.
* Firefox: if JS toolbar is shown, always show full toolbar on top of it.
* Firefox: remove obsolete icons from browser context menu.
* Fix integrity check of RoboForm, so that corrupted RoboForm DLL is detected.
* RF Everywhere: increase max allowed interval between syncs from 7 days to 30 days.
* IE: show lower toolbar on popup windows, such as login at anz.com.
* ALT+click now forces non-modal AutoSave toolbar, not modal Auto-Save dialog.
* Win32: fix crashes when integrating with SAP application.
* Installer: fix does not automatically close processes when doing silent install.
* Enterprise: make EXE and MSI installers more silent.
* Enterpirse: fix bugs in MSI installer, when installed from group policy.
* Import: add import of passcards from Norton Identity Safe CSV file.
* Editor: allow pulling selection onto Identity summarry fields.
* Editor: fix squares at the end of the lines.
* Editor: fix clicking fingerprint icon shown Cannot load DLL message.

If you want to test RoboForm for 30 Days, you can download the trial version:

We got 5 Licenses from SiberSystems for our readers to give away for free if you write a comment on this post and Follow our Blog with FriendConnect. We will appreciate if you write a review about our site on Alexa.

The GiveAway ends in 30 Days, but can be extended depending on the response. So spread the news! The winners will be randomly chosen.
Activate the contact feature in your FriendConnect Profile so that we can contact you in case you win.

We would like to thank SiberSystems to sponsor us this GiveAway.


vj.onix said...

Thanks you very much for giving away a wonderful form filling software.

Following the blog using Friend Connect.

Pending review in Alexa: Vic Limbo

Thank you very much

Jay said...

Already followed blog.


akasa.blog said...

I hope to use the pro version, thank you for this opportunity. include me in, thank you.
Already followed leechermods.and I wrote a review on Alexa .

Unknown said...


Earlgrey82 said...

Roboform is the ultimate password manager due to the fact its secure unlike others, others allow instant access to your passwords

Sara Lisa said...

I have just downloaded and installed roboform. its just a perfect tool for my online work! Thanks so much! Drivers Download

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