16 February 2011

Get Ad Muncher Premium and Basic 1 year License for free

Ad Muncher makes browsing faster and safer with all Web browsers.

Ad Muncher saves Bandwidth and traffic and increase the browsing speed by filtering Ads out of the Webbrowser. It speed up page load time by removing the ads from a site drastically.

You get also protected from so called web bugs and tracking scripts embedded in web sites.

Ad Muncher works global on your system witch means once installed it works with all Browsers no matter if you use Chrome, Firefox and Opera and sometimes IE or Safari as well some messenger like Yahoo and other online applications are supported.

Ad Muncher has been available and in constant development for over eleven years. It is the most advanced Ad blocker.

For more information visit the Homepage: http://www.admuncher.com

Ad Muncher Filter lists are updated daily. The Premium filter list access require Ad Muncher
Premium subscription. Ad Muncher Basic includes weekly updates. See this page for the product features between the editions.

To test Ad Muncher you can download it here: http://www.admuncher.com/download.shtml

Murray Hurps, Principal and Founder of Ad Muncher sponsor us this great GiveAway to our site readers:

1x Ad Muncher Premium License for 1 year
3x Ad Muncher Basic License for 1 year

How to get a License for free:

Tweet about Ad Muncher and share this article with your friends on Facebook, identi.ca, Plurk or any other social sites.
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The winners will be selected random on 27. February 2011


aciddy said...

Good giveaway so count me
My share: http://aciddy.blogspot.com/2011/02/ad-muncher-premium-and-basic-at-leecher.html


ahmad alkhalaf said...


vj.onix said...

Thank you for this great giveaway! I hope to get the premium license.


Already joinging the site community and follow in twitter.

Thank you...

Anonymous said...

I'd like to use it with Chrome, thank you to count me in .
Shared and joinging,following you.

Jay said...

Nice program thanks.

Already followed blog & twitter.


Aura69 said...

I love Ad muncher software best ever done to block popups.

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