12 February 2011

eMule 0.50a Magic Angel v4.0

based on eMule MorphXT, many Anti-Leecher Features, Client Emulations, Quickstart, Reask Tweaks, and much more...

In year 2006 started MagicAngel, referred as "MA", nicknamed "magic angel", as a eMule Mod which is based on MorphXT. The original author is sfrqlxert. A later test version was released 2009 in version 3.8 alpha2 by ZZUL Plus Modder, Gomez82. Finally on February 12, 2011 brought us YumeYao from RyanVM.net another stable release. MA 4.0 has been uploaded to the Magic Angel's Sourceforge project.

eMule v.50a [Magic Angel v4.0 - Quick Patch 1]

February 13th, 2011 - Quick Patch 1

* Fixed some issues including the final fix of "black background" issue in MA 3.8 alpha.

The files are updated with original file name. If you have downloaded 4.0 before you can download QuickPatch.7z(which only contains exe and zh-cn.dll) listed above.

eMule v.50a [Magic Angel v4.0]

February 12th, 2011

compiled with VS2005 (with SP1 & updates) & Windows SDK 7.0

zlib 1.2.5
libpng 1.4.3
Cryptopp 5.6.1
CxImage 6.0.0


MERGED: Merged to emule 0.50a (MorphXT 12.6). [YumeYao]

ADDED: Auto-complete list for Nodes.dat from URL. [YumeYao]
(when the text box is focused, press "Down Arrow" Key to get the list)

ADDED: H.264 and 3vid FourCC Codes to the MediaInfo Detection [X-Ray]

IMPROVED: Make Source Reask Log able to be translated. [YumeYao]

IMPROVED: Changed Preview option on file context menu display logic. [YumeYao]
If Preview Available -- Always show "Preview" on root menu if only one player specified
-- Otherwise "preview" and "preview with" depends on "Display Preview With menu in root context menu" option, they will be in root menu or preview sub-menu together
If Not Available -- If "Show more controls" on -- Same as before except that "Downloading needed parts for previewing" always show
If "Show more controls" off -- display "Downloading needed parts for previewing" on root menu with "preview" removed (was grayed before).

CHANGED: "Download parts needed for preview first" Display in Context Menu. [YumeYao]
It will show as checked and disabled(grayed) if the global option is checked.

CHANGED: Changed Network Info (right-bottom on Servers page) Layout. [YumeYao]
Always Show Client info (Nickname, TCP & UDP Port), User hash string still needs "show full" option.
WebServer and WapServer won't show if they are not enabled.

CHANGED: AntiLeech.dll update check link to SDC. [YumeYao]
(https://specialdlp.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/specialdlp/tags/x86/all-verycd/antiLeech.dll.new) [YumeYao]

ADDED: Simplified Chinese Language updated. [YumeYao]

REMOVED: Removed Option Dialog Banner (I don't like it =v=) [YumeYao]

FIXED: Fix the issue that background color between "Obtained Parts" and "Chunk Detail" in uploading list window is non-transparent (Filled with the background of the progress bars). [YumeYao]
(Quick and dirty way, better to find the cause and fix against it.)






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fabius said...

very unstable mod :(

Recon said...

I believe there will be soon an update available with bugfixes.

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