08 February 2011

VPN Accounts Contest Winner List

The following users have won in our VPN Accounts Giveaway Contest:

hooligan - TUVPN 3 months

RSSU Blogger - ibVPN 3 Months

Miguel - Super VPN *EU

自由网络 - Super VPN *EU

Gregory Hammond - VPN Traffic 1 Month

jackalpsu - FBVPN 1 Month

poopboypat - VPN Traffic 1 Month

Kimpil - Super VPN *EU

mas - FBVPN 1 Month

Martik Panosian - FBVPN 1 Month

Santelmo - VPN Reactor 1 Month

amiel (radueriel) - ibVPN 3 Month

snnake2005 - HideMyAss 1 Month

Saturn82 - HideMyAss 6 Months

Tyler - HideMyAss 1 Month

Riddick - VPN Traffic 6 Months

Lutherross3 - VPN Reactor 1 Month

Jay - ibVPN 3 Months

Natalia - VPN Reactor 6 Months

rapiddarkvenom - ibVPN 3 Months

roady - ibVPN 3 Months

modest_1 - FBVPN 6 Months

AxMan - HideMyAss 12 Months

chriss - TUVPN 3 Months

iso - FBVPN 1 Month


The following users have no contact option (eMail) in the profile nor did I found them as Blog Followers or a matching Feedburner Newsletter subscription.

We need your email address to forward it to the VPN Providers that they able to create an Account.


Miguel, poopboypat, Kimpil, mas, Martik Panosian, Tyler

Some have their Homepages in them Profile linked, I'll try to contact them. If you are Follower of our Blog or Follow me with Twitter, login and check your inbox to contact me back including your email address.

We forward your eMail address to the Providers so you will get an Account in your eMail inbox soon.

As soon you have your account info, visit the website from the VPN Provider first to read the setup instruction!


hooligan said...


thx sehr geile aktion

YassineOS said...

i send you my email please answer me :)

thank you.

congratulation for the winners

Recon said...

We forwarded all email addresses from the winner to the vpn providers to create an account.

From the following winners we still don't have an email address:
RSSU Blogger, Miguel, poopboypat, Kimpil, mas, Martik Panosian, amiel (radueriel), Tyler
As soon they contact us with them email address we forward it to the vpn providers.

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