08 June 2011

eMule 0.50a EggAche v1.0

changelog & main feature:

v1.0 : Now named EggAche, version start v1.0
       +)ICS switchable/Dynamic Block Requests/Small file push
       *)some adjustments
v0.50: +)FreeMemory[manual+auto]
       +)UserhashCheck[manual+auto](based on IP Filter)

v0.49: +)All KnownFiles[NeoMule]
       *)reboot emule (port/tempdir changed)
       few adjustment

v0.48: +)ICS v1/SOTN/reboot emule(publish only)/custom bantime
       -)modelessdialog on colletions
       *)shutdown setting effect only once

v0.47: +)enable request leeched mods&tags (manual/auto)
       -)manual add to ipfilter/no ul&queue
       changed 0's for other to block them
       few adjustment

v0.46: some adjust&fix&optimize
       +)new splashscreen/friendlink/current UL chunk
       -)phpBB/html in Statistics
v0.45: some adjust&fix&optimize

v0.44: some adjust&fix&optimize

v0.43: +)leech mods/queue adjustments/custom slots/slotfocus

v0.42: +)leech countries/DLs finished scheduled

v0.41: +)dropsys/SLS/easypowershare/SUQWT/manual reask

v0.4 : -)dazzle sharelevel
       +)showsharepermissions/0score to nns|fq|client except emule

v0.3 : +)leech tags/some display options/morphxt advanced tweaks

v0.2 : +)CA/auto server disconnect/dazzle sharelevel/custom modname/leech all(no UL&queue)
        dont publishfiles to network/manual kick|ban|ipfilter|push...

v0.1 : based on eMule v0.50a/compiled vs08sp1/used win7sdk
       change some icon
       -)irc/help/wizard/serverinfo window/ULDL ratio
       +)modname[test v0.1]/modlog window/ip2c/modsid/extra info in serverwindow

Direct Download Link

gg1042 Thank you!


Bauzan said...

hallo, skill you in next version Upload Feedack with inserts??? More fantastically Emule.... Thanks...

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