17 June 2011

WhoCrashed Professional review and 10 Licenses to GiveAway

Every computer user experience BSOD (Blue Screen of Death). Typical user usually press and hold the power button and start it again. In the worst case, your computer keeps on restarting and you didn't start your task because of this failure. In the long run, you find it frustrating, thinking about what the cause of this problem.

Blue Screen of Death is a name gave by Microsoft if you see blue background screen with a technical error code. It saves its data in what we call "Dump Files" for technical diagnostic or debugging. In most cases, this BSOD is caused by a third party drivers or faulty software. Most probably, advanced user or I.T. specialist knows what to do, but how about the typical user experiencing this kind of situation?

I'm not a programmer to deal with this debugging task, but WhoCrashed gives me an ease way to troubleshoot my PC. It analyze the "Dump files" and shows an explanation on what happened in the PC when the failure occurs. I find it very useful because it trace the faulty drivers on the system. WhoCrashed underlined the drivers that cause the failure and the error name. You can click on it and launch your browser to search on Google for the solutions or troubleshooting guidelines.

Click here for Fullscreen view | Watch on YouTube

What I do is simply launch the program, click on "Analyze" and WhoCrashed shows understandable in detail on what the failure is based on. This gives me an idea for a troubleshooting. Usually, updating the affected driver will solve the problem, or I need to uninstall the program because it conflicting to other software, or search for the internet to find the solution for the problem.
Reviewed by Vic Limbo

The Professional version of the program gives this powerful feature for analysing your "Dump Files":

  • License not limited to use at home only
  • Crash dump analysis on remote computers on the network
  • Crash dump analysis of a local dump directory of your choice
  • More detailed analysis of crash dumps
  • Detailed dump information views
  • Uptime reports
  • Kernel stack traces with symbol resolution
  • Viewing list of loaded modules at the time of a crash dump
  • Symbol server and local symbol store support
  • Sorting on columns in information views
  • Options to fine tune the behavior of WhoCrashed
You can found more information at: WhoCrashed Homepage

Now you have a chance to win one of the 10 licenses (worth 34,95 USD each) of WhoCrashed Professional version.

Everyone is invited to join in our contest.


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On 27. June we will draw from all comments random 10 winners and forward from the winners the names and email addresses to Resplendence Software to issue a personal license.

Thank you very much Resplendence Software Projects Sp. for providing the licenses. 


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